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What is this Web Site?
This is the AnonTalk Bulletins Archive. It contains the angry, often ALL CAPS bulletins of Kimmo Alm, the owner and 'Sysop' of the now-defunct AnonTalk BBS.
What is AnonTalk?
AnonTalk BBS was the brainchild of a Swedish revolutionary by the name of Kimmo Johan Alm. Founded in mid 2008, AnonTalk was a forum for general discussion; it had no "theme", but free speech was emphasised — users were encouraged to speak their minds, and only avoid posting content that was illegal. This resulted in AT becoming the home for the dregs of the internet: paedophiles in particular, who were free to share their sickening thoughts, as long as they posted no illegal content.
The main exception to this was grammar: if you posted on AT and did not use 100% correct English grammar, you would be banned ("shitlisted") from the site. If your error was particularly egregious, Kimmo might submit a rage-filled ALL CAPS bulletin, perhaps calling you a FUCKING RETARDED PSYCHO TROLL.
If you want to read more, Encyclopedia Dramatica has articles on Kimmo Alm and AnonTalk.
What happened to AnonTalk?
Due to Kimmo's 'non-traditional' means of advertising of AT, and due to the disgusting content the site contained, it grew many enemies and few friends. Those opposed to Kimmo created "clones" of his site — forums crafted to look identical to AnonTalk. The first was Tinychan, later Minichan, and many other smaller sites, most of which are now defunct, were created. AnonTalk was heavily DDoS'd by users of 4chan, which had itself been heavily spammed by Kimmo.
Constant DDoSing, barrages of spam, and general attacks against AnonTalk took their toll — on the 28th of April 2010, Kimmo retired AnonTalk, his final bulletin denouncing his users as "(nearly) all retards, thieves and psycho trolls".
What happened to Kimmo Alm?
Since closing AnonTalk in 2010, he has worked on various small projects, none of which have seen much success. He continued to run his personal site ( and a free service called Riktiga Nyheter (RN, 'Real News') which scrapes and displays content from various far-right Swedish news sources. In March 2016, he created RN Pro in an attempt to monetise the service. In September 2016, RN Pro was discontinued due to lack of interest. In 2017, both his personal website and RN were discontinued. What Kimmo Alm has been up to since then is a complete mystery! Some claim he administrates or co-administrates the far-right Metapedia website under a new identity, but this has never been confirmed.
Why archive anything from that Swedish madman?
These bulletins were a great source of amusement, and they are as fun to read in 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022! 2023! as they were in 2010. They are a window into a deranged mind.