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You've proven that you really don't give a shit. I will soon kill what's left of AT forever and never return to do anything great for humanity/the Internet ever again. You're (nearly) all retards, thieves and psycho trolls, and the whole DNS (Domain Name System) is rotten and corrupt to the core. Go fuck yourselves. Seriously. This could truly have been the most wonderful thing to have happened to the Internet since its inception, but instead of the huge success it deserved to be, you actively destroyed it. Sysop 20 minutes (2010-04-28 21:01:?? UTC)
No, I don't fucking use Twitter. It's yet another troll pretending to be me, idiots. (I haven't even checked it out, but you keep asking me about stuff said on Shitter.) Sysop 23 hours (2010-04-27 22:26:?? UTC)
Either help me out or watch AT die forever. No more AT, ever. Get the word out about this. Get somebody big and powerful to care. It seems useless talking to ICANN and VeriSign — they "can't" help (they don't want to). The "domain dispute" companies charge insane fees which I'll never be able to afford — they are completely out of the question (and probably would take too long anyway). Still not a single response of any kind to any of my countless letters to EuroDNS. They are actively ignoring me… Sysop 1 day (2010-04-27 13:48:?? UTC)
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Sysop 2 days (2010-04-26 23:17:?? UTC)
I'm so FUCKING SICK of all this FUCKING BULLSHIT. Nothing but THIEVES, TROLLS, LYING SCUM, TRAITORS, INCOMPETENT FUCKS and RETARDS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. I and AT don't fucking need the fucking domain to be fucked with too. It's enough with everything else already. Fucking unbelievable pieces of shit. I want to see the CEO of EuroDNS tortured to death, slowly and painfully. I want to see that entire company full of incompetent, rude, ignorant fucking dipshits jobless, homeless and with ass cancer. Sysop 2 days (2010-04-26 23:08:?? UTC)
The only replies I get from ICANN are bullshit canned "we can't do anything" ones (maybe rename your shitty organization to "ICAN'T"…), which are obviously LIES since they are the fucking domain authority and the ones who control the registrars and their licenses. Why have a complaint form which is entirely fucking worthless? HOW does this even happen?! It's not supposed to be possible. Yet it does. Some major news organization/site needs to bring this insanity to the public's attention very soon… Sysop 2 days (2010-04-26 22:37:?? UTC)
Nothing has happened in terms of ThePirateBay or something like that supporting us. I guess freedom of speech is to be protected at any cost as long as it's not AT. Sysop 2 days (2010-04-26 21:21:?? UTC)
Removed "prudish mode" (it only had a purpose for a very short time, long ago). Sysop 2 days (2010-04-26 20:20:?? UTC)
Absolute silence from EuroTrash and ICANN doesn't even read the letters — they just tell me to "contact the registrar and wait for five days"… When is somebody actually going to do something about this? Sysop 2 days (2010-04-26 19:26:?? UTC)
EuroTrash has still not replied in any way whatsoever. They are most likely never going to do so either since they have some sort of collective brain damage. The best way to continue is probably to focus on flooding with (legitimate) abuse reports, explaining the situation. EuroTrash won't do a thing, obviously, and ICANN does have authority. I've sent in countless ones myself, of course, but you need to help out for them to really care. Sysop 2 days (2010-04-26 11:24:?? UTC)
If you haven't helped out yet, it is now high time to do so. If you already have — try again! Sysop 3 days (2010-04-26 01:42:?? UTC)
"Dangerous" links will now remain hyperlinked in "hardcore mode". Sysop 3 days (2010-04-25 10:25:?? UTC)
The "bots" posting nonsensical off-topic replies (random copied posts, bible/Alice in Wonderland quotes, etc.) actually are [sub]humans. I thought that they were very well coded bots because nobody in their right mind would sit and do it manually, but… they are. This is my conclusion based on a lot of factors. Sysop 4 days (2010-04-24 19:09:?? UTC)
Don't rely on "somebody else" sorting this out — take your responsibility and act yourself. Do your part in removing the criminal thieves EuroDNS from the Internet/ICANN and restore AT's 100% legal and valid domain. Sysop 4 days (2010-04-24 13:45:?? UTC)
Any lawyer who wants to represent AT and successfully sues EuroDNS (and gets the domain returned to its rightful owner) will get 50% of the received money for the trouble (in addition to knowing that you are doing the right thing). Sysop 5 days (2010-04-24 02:40:?? UTC)
Summary of the situation: Sysop 5 days (2010-04-24 02:32:?? UTC)
Added two sections to: Sysop 5 days (2010-04-23 23:44:?? UTC)
I'm seeing the amount of real posters improve every day. When we have more real posters than fake ones, it makes it easier to tolerate the trolls. Thank you for coming back and contributing! ? 5 days (2010-04-23 22:37:?? UTC)
[Nazi ]German "Key-Systems" (AKA "domaindiscount24"), which forced me to transfer AT's domain away even after implementing the link censorship feature, has consistently refused to explain why they are still providing services for (warez hub). The same goes for Network Solutions and Retardchan (revolves around copyright violations, raids, Internet abuse, illegal AT clone). And so on. I get no replies whatsoever when I report these truly illegal sites. No explanation. Total silence. WTF?! Sysop 5 days (2010-04-23 20:37:?? UTC)
Still no replies whatsoever. And here comes another weekend… Sysop 5 days (2010-04-23 13:43:?? UTC)
According to some poster, these could be contacted: "The Electronic Frontier Foundation", "The American Civil Liberties Union", "Reporters Without Borders" and "Freedom House". Sysop 6 days (2010-04-23 00:43:?? UTC)
If you know about any "free speech" advocate Web sites/organizations, try to get them to publish a news item/article/story/whatever about this. For instance, I've tried contacting ThePirateBay myself, who could possibly make a blog post and/or logo link about this cause, which would generate lots of negative attention toward EuroTrash. Sysop 6 days (2010-04-22 23:17:?? UTC)
Since the shady crime syndicate EuroDNS (poorly disguised as a domain registrar) doesn't abide by any laws, the ICANN rules or common sense/courtesy, and are the rudest, most incompetently ignorant fucking dipshits I've ever had the misfortune of being forced to deal with (which says a lot), feel completely morally free to use illegal methods in trying to get the domain back; DDoS attacks, e-mail bombings, telephone terror, fake/real death threats — you name it. Those scumbags don't play by the rules. Sysop 6 days (2010-04-22 22:23:?? UTC)
Fixed a serious bug related to using secure cookies and proxy hosts. Also removed the external search feature because it no longer has any meaning without a fixed and well crawled domain. And no, EuroDNS hasn't done the right thing yet and will most likely never do so either. The domain is lost unless somebody with authority steps up and helps out. I have done everything within my power (and then some) and there's just no way to get these criminal scum to listen to reason. Sysop 6 days (2010-04-22 20:13:?? UTC)
For those who don't understand the details, it's very important to point out that EuroDNS did not host AT's server, the DNS, provide whois privacy or ANYTHING except keeping the record in the Internet's master domain database as "active", with my contact details for all domain roles. The ONLY reason why a "registrar" is used at all is that you MUST use one; it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a .com domain without using a third-party company (unless you have over half a million USD and can start your own). Sysop 6 days (2010-04-22 18:54:?? UTC)
[email protected] Sysop 6 days (2010-04-22 11:47:?? UTC)
Why the FUCK doesn't this kind of insane injustice get to the front pages of Digg, Slashdot and on various major news Web sites, causing many tens of thousands of "free speech" people to pester the company until they are forced to do the right thing (give back the domain to its rightful owner)? I bet a million bucks that it would happen within hours if Retardchan's or ThePirateBay's domain was stolen like this… Sysop 6 days (2010-04-22 11:18:?? UTC)
Not a word. Nothing. The only ones posting on their Facebook/Twitter crap are trolls who are encouraging them to keep the domain hi-jacked. Thanks for your non-existent support and go fuck yourselves. The best site on the Internet has never been closer to dying entirely, forever. Sysop 6 days (2010-04-22 10:52:?? UTC)
I've seen two posts on EuroDNS' Facebook supporting AnonTalk. Keep it up! ? 7 days (2010-04-21 22:48:?? UTC)
It's important that you do your part and hammer EuroDNS in every way you can in order to force them to care. Sysop 7 days (2010-04-21 22:33:?? UTC)
Still no reply whatsoever from anyone. If you use Twitter and/or Facebook, be sure to fill up their pages with the facts about this matter (tell them the truth — that EuroDNS are thieves and assholes who have hi-jacked and set for deletion AT's 100% legal and valid domain name without replying to any requests to stop this illegal behaviour and let me transfer it away from them): and Sysop 1 week (2010-04-21 19:28:?? UTC)
The EuroTrash fuckheads still haven't shown any kind of sign of life… Hopefully they were all killed by that ash cloud. Are there any Luxembourg AnTs who could phone and/or visit them and speak to them natively? Sales: +352 263725 250. Support: +352 263725 200. "Xavier Buck" (CEO and domain owner): +352 263725 1. City: Leudelange. Address: "2, rue Leon Laval". Sysop 1 week (2010-04-21 11:18:?? UTC)
Stop randomly capitalizing words like "Atheist", "Homosexual", "White", "Pedophile", etc. Fucking morons. ? 1 week (2010-04-20 20:38:?? UTC)
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Sysop 1 week (2010-04-20 18:11:?? UTC)
Still not a single fucking reply. Not even a "no". I will give a permanent AT ad slot as a reward to the person who is able to convince EuroDNS, through any means, to stop illegally hi-jacking our domain and allow me to transfer it the hell away from their criminally incompetent hands. Remember: any means, including physically walking into their offices armed with a minigun. The following bulletin will consist of a list of every known e-mail address used by EuroTrash. Sysop 1 week (2010-04-20 18:11:?? UTC)
I want to offer my personal " Thank you!" to everybody who has made legitimate replies and topics that follow the rules over the last few days ( You make it worthwhile to keep combating the trolls and other attackers. ? 1 week (2010-04-20 14:36:?? UTC)
So… I take it that nobody has actually done anything to help me out, again? Sysop 1 week (2010-04-19 19:27:?? UTC)
Still not as much as (any kind of) a reply from EuroTrash. They hi-jack others' domains and delete them. I really can't believe my eyes. Sysop 1 week (2010-04-19 18:59:?? UTC)
You wiseguys don't do shit, anymore. There must be at least one of you on-line at all times, and you still manage to ignore whatever may be happening to this board. ? 1 week (2010-04-19 14:45:?? UTC)
If you see a troll or a Retardchan meme, use the 'Report' button on their post. If you see an elaborate troll attempt, file an EAR. ? 1 week (2010-04-19 01:03:?? UTC)
EuroDNS is an illegal scam/fraud company, stealing the 100% LEGAL domains of honest people and deactivating them without listening to reason. They need to lose their ICANN license since they are obviously abusing it (so are a bunch of other registrars as well, but forget about them for now). I ask you to fill in to force them to stop fucking with AT's domain and hopefully get their license revoked. Sysop 2 weeks (2010-04-16 21:20:?? UTC)
A week ago, EuroDNS restored the domain after not replying for days and making me do all kinds of bullshit. I immediately requested a transfer. For some reason, they force a five day "grace period". I sent them several e-mails asking them to not touch the domain during this time and that I will be transferring it away as soon as they let me, and they told me that they couldn't remove this grace period. Today, on the last day, what do you think happens? They tell me they have deleted the domain permanently. Sysop 2 weeks (2010-04-16 21:14:?? UTC)
FYI, because of the attacks AT will probably be entering lockdown mode more often than before. Make sure to backup your ID so you can reload it if you have to use one of the proxies or methods (located at if you can't reach AT by your normal methods. ? 2 weeks (2010-04-16 19:50:?? UTC)
No donations means the site won't work properly. There are lots of bots ruining the site so we need a major hardware upgrade as soon as possible, and if we don't get it, this forum will die. ? 2 weeks (2010-04-16 12:51:?? UTC)
Where the fuck are the wiseguys? You bastards need to stick the fuck around or lock the board down, goddamn it. ? 2 weeks (2010-04-16 06:47:?? UTC)
If you've ever needed to donate, now would be the time. There are major hardware upgrades needed to deal with attacks. If you can't donate, at least try to report the clones to their hosts. ? 2 weeks (2010-04-16 01:18:?? UTC)
Many big donations are needed. A major hardware upgrade is necessary. Sysop 2 weeks (2010-04-15 23:01:?? UTC)
There are way too many fucking psycho trolls and bots polluting this board with their worthless shit. Many more quality posters are needed. Sysop 2 weeks (2010-04-15 11:42:?? UTC)
I've decided that the fucking English guide will never get written unless I just start with one "chapter" and then update it daily (or at least regularly). will hopefully soon be worth linking to. Sysop 2 weeks (2010-04-15 02:18:?? UTC)
It almost physically hurts to have to ban so many people and delete their posts for confusing "their" and "there", using all lower-case, Randomly Capitalizing random Words and stuff like that. However, trying to educate every single one would be a full-time job for an army of workers… Sysop 2 weeks (2010-04-14 21:27:?? UTC)
If you requested whitelisting within the last 12 hours and got declined for no good reason, repeat it. There were a ton of bots trying to get whitelisted. Sysop 2 weeks (2010-04-14 21:06:?? UTC)
Just to remind everybody, using the "report" link on posts that don't follow the rules actually does help Sysop and the wiseguys out. Please use this feature when you see a junk or troll post and help us make AT better. ? 2 weeks (2010-04-14 15:00:?? UTC)
Four new wiseguys needed. 500 posts minimum and at least 6 months old. Sysop 2 weeks (2010-04-14 10:03:?? UTC)
No topics whatsoever about AT for about a week from now. Sysop 2 weeks (2010-04-12 15:51:?? UTC)
There's almost literally nothing but bots and trolls left here now. This must change drastically, the illegal clones must be removed from the Internet and the domain must be returned and secured. Very fucking soon. Are you gonna sit on your ass again or help out for once? Sysop 2 weeks (2010-04-11 09:57:?? UTC)
The TLS certificate was just re-signed because it was about to expire. I guess I should've announced that 24 hours beforehand or something… No need to be paranoid. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-11 00:57:?? UTC)
Tomorrow, there will be "some downtime" due to the DC's restructuring of wires and shit. So that won't be AT's fault. In fact, downtime is extremely rarely AT's/my fault — they are attacks in nearly every single case, with exceptions for upgrades, maintenance and accidents. It should also be pointed out that the firewall can be a little "trigger happy" and blackhole your IP address (expires in a few days) when you were just trying to be a normal user. Unfortunately, this is required due to all the attacks. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-10 19:21:?? UTC)
"Let's not reply to his e-mails. And let's not even work at all during weekends. After all, why do we care that somebody else's domain is going down the drain, causing tons of downtime and problems due to us fucking with it based on a lie that we didn't even bother looking up because we are incompetent pieces of shit who need to die slowly from cancer?" — EuroDNS. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-10 09:37:?? UTC)
"What did you do today AT?" ← This is a perfect example of a missing comma. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-10 09:30:?? UTC)
Anyone got ~$578,500 USD lying around? If so, give it to me and I will start the registrar with the following slogan: "We're not cheap, but at least we won't fuck with your domain." Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-09 22:24:?? UTC) ← Fucking shit. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-09 20:59:?? UTC)
How about posting, regulars? Prove that there aren't just fucking trolls here. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-08 23:26:?? UTC)
Still not a single word from the asshole registrar, and they naturally put in their own nameservers, ensuring that the site cannot be accessed by nearly all visitors. Yet another company with absolutely zero respect. It's obvious that anyone with the right amount of cash, no matter how fucking stupid and incompetent, can get an ICANN .com registration license. Is there not a single non-retarded registrar out there? Note that even the ones happily hosting truly illegal domains still inexplicitly kick out AT. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-08 14:28:?? UTC)
I've wanted to make this possible for a good while, and now I got the perfect excuse to implement it: the board now supports any hostname (report any bugs). See: Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-08 03:17:?? UTC)
The domain has been stolen by the God damn fucking incompetent retarded piece of shit scumbag fucktard psycho registrar. I don't know when or IF I will get it back this time. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-07 20:04:?? UTC)
Another retarded registrar; doesn't know how to keep the old nameservers; randomly reverts back to their default ones despite explicitly entering custom ones; domain suddenly gone from list; office hours for support start the next day; waiting for them to fix. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-07 06:25:?? UTC)
Yet another rogue wiseguy has been banning legitimate people and exterminating post[er]s for hours while I was away. Needless to say, the scumbag is now removed. If you got banned by that backstabbing fucktard, PM me. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-06 13:13:?? UTC)
Since Baywords has proven to be an unreliable piece of shit, and has apparently shut down without a word, the AT "off-site news" page will now be hosted over here instead: Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-05 23:59:?? UTC)
It's "X-year-old", not "X yo". Morons. ? 3 weeks (2010-04-05 18:39:?? UTC)
Marking/highlighting markup syntax added for use in quoted texts. Don't use in your normal texts. Sysop 3 weeks (2010-04-04 20:18:?? UTC)
Do not feed the trolls. At all. Just report their post(s) and do not respond to them. Sooner or later, the troll/idiot will be discovered by Sysop or a wiseguy and permanently removed. ? 4 weeks (2010-04-04 08:27:?? UTC)
Many and large donations needed… Sysop 4 weeks (2010-04-02 19:50:?? UTC)
The internal poll/topic links now have meta data showing the headline/question. They are also "<DEL>"eted if they no longer exist. Sysop 4 weeks (2010-03-30 23:26:?? UTC)
Jesus H. Christ. It's a full-time job just to go through all these fucking EARs, deleting the posts and banning the authors. Sysop 4 weeks (2010-03-30 20:42:?? UTC)
Noticed an old check to force the "__ AT __" (without the spaces) stuff in PMs to me; removed it since this is now automatically fixed by the board anyway. I wouldn't normally announce such a small fix, but this could save a lot of time for those who are used to having to modify the internal links. Sysop 4 weeks (2010-03-30 16:55:?? UTC)
Hint: Holding down the "Ctrl" key and left clicking a link probably opens it in a new tab. Holding down the "Shift" key and left clicking a link most likely opens it in a new window. This depends on your browser and OS. ? 4 weeks (2010-03-30 16:46:?? UTC)
When you see a bad post, report it. It really does help. ? 4 weeks (2010-03-30 10:39:?? UTC)
Hint: If you have a computer mouse with three (or more) buttons, the middle one (or the "scroll wheel") is very likely to function as an "open this link in a background tab" trigger. You most likely already know about this, but if you don't, this information could be very valuable. Sysop 4 weeks (2010-03-29 23:46:?? UTC)
Yes, Baywords has been down/"weird" for a number of days now. The off-site AT news "blog" is therefore inaccessible. I don't know what's up with that. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-29 21:08:?? UTC)
Posts are deleted because they have errors (often stupid ones at that), not because we have something against you or what you're saying. If something you wrote gets deleted, then FIX and REPOST it. We WANT you to do this. The board gives you a full copy of what you wrote. Just read it over, fix the mistakes, and repost. It really is that simple. ? 1 month (2010-03-29 19:17:?? UTC)
In "hardcore mode", the board will no longer attempt to open certain links (usually external ones) in new instances/windows/tabs. (This is because "hardcore mode" is for "power users" who know exactly what they are doing.) Sysop 1 month (2010-03-29 19:07:?? UTC)
Posts are deleted for having certain mistakes; you aren't being asked to rewrite the whole thing to sound more "formal". Just read over what you wrote, find your mistake(s), fix it, and repost! ? 1 month (2010-03-29 11:08:?? UTC)
It's very important that each nonsense-posting tardbot gets at least one abuse report on it. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-29 02:01:?? UTC)
Retardchan's domain is listing fake contact information. Registrars have fucked around with AT's domain because of this when the data wasn't even inaccurate, so reporting this obviously faked shit must work. Be sure to let [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] know. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-29 00:37:?? UTC)
"I'm I the only one[…]" ← Fuckoff. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-29 00:13:?? UTC)
No, wiseguys aren't getting paid to do their job (neither am I — I have to pay money to do most of the work). This is the very reason why I wonder why the hell they apply, out of their own free will (nobody has forced you) and then just sit around or disappear for days so that they get unmade. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-28 20:07:?? UTC)
All of you fucking wiseguys are USELESS. I refuse to believe that NONE of you are awake while Sysop is sleeping. If you're looking at this board and NOT removing the fucking trolls, you need to think long and hard about whether you should be a wiseguy or not. Scratch that. I'll tell you. If you don't remove the trolls, GET OUT. ? 1 month (2010-03-28 06:59:?? UTC)
Stop adding random line breaks, you dumb fucks! ? 1 month (2010-03-28 03:20:?? UTC)
Make that four. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-28 01:18:?? UTC)
Three new wiseguys needed. Ones who are actually around and who are not traitor scum. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-27 20:08:?? UTC)
If you see nonsensical posts — report them. They're by spam bots. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-27 02:12:?? UTC)
Stop whining about AnonTalk's moderation policy. AT exists to support free speech, not worthless speech. ? 1 month (2010-03-26 21:12:?? UTC)
"What are the options for an obese 28 year old man who wants to fuck skinny girls." Two words: QUESTION MARK. ? 1 month (2010-03-26 09:04:?? UTC)
STOP feeding the fucking trolls. ? 1 month (2010-03-26 06:54:?? UTC)
"The United States of America's immigration system is extremely unwieldy and full of redundant bureaucracy and it can be frustratingly inefficient." This is a run-on sentence. Be careful of these; they are an easy way to get shitlisted and/or banned. Correct form is either "[…] is extremely unwieldy, full of redundant bureaucracy, and can be frustratingly inefficient […]" or "[…] is extremely unwieldy and full of redundant bureaucracy. It can also be frustratingly inefficient […]" ? 1 month (2010-03-26 05:36:?? UTC)
"Looking for hubs that share!" ← This is not a complete sentence. Therefore, it is not suitable for a topic body. Please use complete sentences. ? 1 month (2010-03-26 05:18:?? UTC)
"Direct connect pthc" ← This is not a good headline. The acronym is not capitalized and it is not a sentence. ? 1 month (2010-03-26 05:18:?? UTC)
"As a white, male, conservative , I would just like to say […]" Since when is there a space before a comma? Oh, that's right. There isn't. Don't make this mistake; it's basic English. ? 1 month (2010-03-25 23:06:?? UTC)
Yet another fucking rogue wiseguy has been causing as much problems as possible today and has now been removed. If you got banned for no reason, let me know in a PM. Why is it that every God damn wiseguy turns out to be a troll? Why do you spend so much time posting quality stuff and pretending that you like this place just to be able to cause problems for a little while one day? Fucking psychos. Unbelievable fucking psychos. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-25 21:27:?? UTC)
If a sentence contains more than one independent clause, it is a run-on. Inappropriately adding commas into a run-on sentence does not make it a "list" and it certainly doesn't magically stop making it a run-on sentence. Learn basic grammar, you fucking idiots! ? 1 month (2010-03-25 19:28:?? UTC)