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Internet Citizens Against Retarded English (ICARE)

If you are anything like me, you just cannot stand people who just don't seem to care about things in general. Since, on the Internet, text is (normally) all you've got to express yourself, it makes a lot of sense to care about the way you type. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, extremely few people do. One can hardly hope for this to ever change into "everyone", "most people" or even "the majority", but hopefully from the current "almost nobody" to "quite a few".

ICARE is a "secret" club/resistance for those of us who still "care" in general. There is no membership fee and there is no need to sign up for anything. After reading this page, you simply decide mentally whether or not you want to "be in". That's it! (Most likely, you will not have to do much, if anything, differently if you agree.)

If you care, you agree to the following:

If enough people start caring, the Internet may become usable again. It may seem hopeless, but you should still do your part. Don't be a sheep!

So why should you care? The real question, at least in a sane world, would be more like this: "Why should you not care?" Have you ever felt the satisfaction of doing something right? Knowing that you are pushing yourself to the limit of your capabilities? It's quite addictive, and once you start typing properly, you will soon see it as something completely natural and become unable to go back to writing sloppily without actively trying! Without having any scientific proof to show you, it is pretty safe to claim that typing correctly is not slower at all once you get used to it. I personally have serious trouble writing in just lower-case and without using punctuation.

Now ask yourself: do you care?

(Feel more than free to spread the address to this page. See also: The simple English guide.)