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Copyright/DMCA waiver

(Please show this page to any legal entity as proof that you are qualified to represent us.)

This entire Web site and its underlying software was created entirely from scratch, based in no way on any previously existing product, is copyrighted and must not under any circumstance be copied, cloned, reproduced or in any way duplicated, either in terms of actual content or design/layout/structure/ideas. Special permission to do so has never been and will never be granted to any third party.

I, the owner of this domain, Web site and original software, hereby grant permission to any good-hearted person to represent me/AnonTalk ("AT") in attempting to remove unauthorized clones from the Internet, or in any other legal matter favorable to this site and/or its author.

(I have nothing against "fair use" and "inspiration"; it's pretty much a necessity for anything new to be created. However, when somebody blatantly copies and pastes an entire piece of work, without even trying to make it original or hide the fact that they just stole it, and claim credits for it on top of that, you'd better believe that I go nuts, as would anyone else who has worked hard on something.)