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Note #1: Donating via PayPal is no longer possible because they are thieves.

Note #2: There is no longer a post box, because only fake donations (with one exception) were received, costing money and time rather than helping, despite the fact that many of you promised beforehand to donate if a post box were to be set up. A post box will not be set up again after that experience; you "had your chance" for quite a long time. Sorry if you genuinely would like to donate via snail mail; the trolls ruined it for you. Under NO circumstances will any physical envelopes or packages be accepted.

No donations have been made in the last three months. That means that currently, at the very least $450 USD is missing (for a quarter of a year, excluding all older/unexpected future expenses).

You can donate directly to a real bank account, escaping the expensive fees that middlemen charge. Please ask for the specifics if you are a regular and have decided to donate. Since there is no standard for money transactions over the Internet (yet), the procedure will vary depending on your bank. For this reason, we cannot tell you how to make a transfer; you will have to ask your bank or figure it out on your own using their Web interface.

Donating to AT keeps the site running and greatly encourages its author to continue working actively on the software and managing the board (even more so than kind words). While it may appear simple, it is actually very advanced "under the hood". There is constantly work to do, although the vast majority of it is internal and invisible to the end user. The money will be used to cover all related costs, primarily (but absolutely not limited to) dedicated server and bandwidth fees.

Any amount over $10 USD is appreciated (anything less than that really won't make any difference unless tons of people start doing it) and needless to mention, you'll be completely anonymous unless you explicitly ask for your name (or alias of your choice, or Web site, or company name) to be displayed. Note that donating will not give you the right to demand any changes of the board. However, your feedback will be listened to and taken seriously, just as with any other user.

The current goal is to receive at least $150 USD/month in donations to at least cover the critical, immediate expenses of keeping the site up (that doesn't even include DDoS protection, which costs orders of magnitude that amount). Without trying to sound condescending, it is (probably) much more difficult (and expensive!) than you think to keep a site like this, which almost allows free speech, on-line due to the hordes of retarded bigots who are constantly trying to shut it down in various (often illegal) ways. Your help is very much needed.

If you like this service but can't or for some reason won't donate money, you can still help out by spreading the word, frequently contributing with quality posts and reporting trolls and bugs. Or you could buy some ad space instead. Or get somebody else to do that. In fact, if you want "something back" for donating, buying an ad slot is a great idea.

Thank you for reading this and considering a donation or helping out in any other way you can.