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Useful external links

These are some Web services that many AnTs probably would benefit from.

Check during serious problems with the board, such as attempts to fuck with the domain name.


Very useful for looking up unknown references or phrases that you see around here. It can also be very useful for non-obvious things such as finding out whether "Nazi" is capitalized in English by going to the article on Nazis and then searching the Web page for references to "Nazi" in the middle of a sentence.

Look up the spelling, meaning and pronunciation of English words.

English 101

Common "pitfalls" in the English language.

Google Translate

Translate words or texts between your native language and English. (Helpful but far from perfect. Do not simply copy and paste an automatically translated text and post it here!)

WCPE classical music radio station

Listen to great classical music streamed over the Internet in multiple different formats, including MP3 and Ogg Vorbis, for free and without any commercials. Relaxing and inspiring.

flashChess III

Play chess inside your Web browser against a very intelligent and challenging artificial intelligence.

Are you feeling lonely? Find a friend with similar interests on the Internet without registering an account. Submit an ad or respond to existing ones without any cost.