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Request whitelisting

Due to the huge number of idiots who come here to post crap by abusing various services, we were forced to ban all open/exploitable proxies, Tor nodes and many proxy hostnames (more are added all the time) from posting by default. Yes, this does indeed suck, but, unfortunately, we are living in a far from perfect world, forcing complicated solutions such as this. It obviously causes problems for the genuine posters who are paranoid enough to want to use a proxy despite AT's inherent anonymity, or who are stuck in a situation in which they are simply forced to use a proxy.

You are able to request whitelisting of your internal ID here. Note that this does NOT whitelist an IP address or hostname/domain/ISP; it simply "whitelists" (separate from unbanning) your internal poster ID (the one that is never shown in public). So don't lose it. Back it up and "restore" it whenever you need to.

You can use the actual proxy when requesting whitelisting; it doesn't matter. Sometimes, entire consumer ISPs are banned due to frequent abuse. If you believe that a major ISP or organization has been "accidentally" banned, or if it must be allowed due to its size, you really should wish for it to be unbanned (get whitelisted first) as this is in the best interest of everyone.

Your request will be granted as long as you are not a troll. Once you are whitelisted, you completely bypass all the proxy/Tor/hostname bans and are free to use them as much as you want. (Be careful about shitlisted IP addresses, though, since that is checked on a lower level. It could prove problematic to share an IP address with strangers, such as is the case with some retarded ISPs like AOL.)

Please state a reason, such as: "I use AT at the local library and because of their broken proxy configuration, I am unable to post." or "I do not dare to post unless I can use my beloved proxies." (but don't just copy one of those). Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation or your request will be declined!

Note: If you just tried to post and got an error, you don't have to enter a reason, but simply use "See attempt." (should already be filled in for you) as we can see what you tried to post. Do not abuse this feature for anything other than requesting whitelisting or a report will be sent to your Internet service provider.

Note: Wait ten minutes before requesting whitelisting when you haven't tried to post anything. This is one of many anti-troll measures.