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The numbers aren't lying, but they should be seen for what they are: hard, cold figures. The amount of topics per day has varied a lot, for instance, and some topics get only one reply while others get tons of them. This is not some sort of "complete" table of the things that are going on here and should only be used to get some sort of idea of the board's size and as "fun trivia". Only updated once a day.

Amount Comment
Total existing posts 385,852 That's ~74% decent or better posts! :-)
Existing topics 36,624 -
Existing replies 349,228 That's ~10 replies/topic.
Total deleted posts 102,224 That's ~26% pure shit! :-(
Deleted topics 22,581 Many of these went in nukes of bad posters and weren't individually deleted.
Deleted replies 79,643 Many of these were part of topics that got deleted and weren't individually deleted.
Total posts ever 488,076 Countless posts are never published in the first place but get blocked in the rather advanced filters.
Total topics ever 59,205 -
Total replies ever 428,871 -
Posts/day ~478 Counting deleted ones, it's ~605/day.
Topics/day ~45 Counting deleted ones, it's ~73/day.
Replies/day ~433 Counting deleted ones, it's ~531/day.
Bullied topics 628 Topics with not a single reply (excluding locked ones). The "shuffle" feature is very biased toward these. Authors of such topics are encouraged to "revive" them through the special feature accessible from the relevant topic page.
Polls 4,419 The poll feature was added long after the launch and was not originally part of the board. However, it was considered even before the start and slowly but steadily proved its own necessity.
Total poll votes 182,480 That's ~41/poll.
ShitlistedIP addresses 363 Expire in one week. Cannot use the site but instead are shown a page explaining what has happened.
Days since start 807 Went live at 2008-02-09, 2 years ago. Due to constant large attacks, it has been unavailable a lot.


Amount Comment
Topics started by you 0 You should start a topic or five hundred.
Replies posted by you 0 You should post a reply or five thousand.
Total posts by you 0 Status: Unborn AnT. (You really need to start contributing!)
Polls created by you 0 You should submit some polls.
Your poll votes 0 -