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"Truly the greatest website on Earth. While other forums are a sulking mass of stupidity, censorship, and dullness, AnonTalk is always intelligent, free, and exciting. Long live AT." — "Comp0" , 3 days (2010-04-22 21:06:?? UTC) ago.

"If there's ever somebody you need to talk to, who won't judge you, it's AT. Thank you, Sysop, for this great Web site." — Anonymous , 4 days (2010-04-21 22:22:?? UTC) ago.

"I have finally found a website with both an intelligent community and a fantastic design! Using AT has been a great experience and so much better than any other website I've used in a long time." — Anonymous , 4 weeks (2010-03-28 11:32:?? UTC) ago.

"AT is a place where I can finally talk anonymously. Truly anonymously." — Anonymous , 1 month (2010-03-24 22:05:?? UTC) ago.

"A place where I can just relax and enjoy interesting topics." — "OracleZ" , 1 month (2010-03-24 05:19:?? UTC) ago.

"I absolutely love the variety of topics AT has to offer. I love ingesting a good story about pedophilia, someone's day at school, or the woods!" — "L. Woods" , 2 months (2010-03-02 16:21:?? UTC) ago.

"The greatest website on Earth, by far. This is the one place where all discussion is allowed, and true genius like this is worth holding on to. I give a big "thanks" to Sysop for creating this BBS." — "C" , 2 months (2010-03-02 00:11:?? UTC) ago.

"This is definitely one of the best websites I have ever used. AT is the only serious BBS I have seen, the rest of them are full of trolls and idiots. I also love the fact that all types of people are allowed to post, and the wiseguys and Sysop do not discriminate." — Anonymous , 2 months (2010-03-01 18:28:?? UTC) ago.

"Sysop runs the best BBS on the Web, period." — Anonymous , 2 months (2010-02-23 18:12:?? UTC) ago.

"I came here after being banned from Retardchan and am glad I found a place where people act serious for once. Specific topics can easily be hid from view with 'ostrich mode' which is a VERY nice feature. Overall, the website is nicely coded, and although Sysop can get preachy, he is a nice person. Keep it up, AnonTalk!" — "wowaname" , 3 months (2010-02-09 02:46:?? UTC) ago.

"AnonTalk is the most perfect piece of software I have ever seen, with a great policy of free speech to match. Thanks for creating and maintaining it, Sysop!" — Anonymous , 3 months (2010-02-08 23:30:?? UTC) ago.

"This truly is one of the greatest websites on the internet. My only complaint is sometimes the Sysop can be a dick." — "Kris" , 3 months (2010-02-07 02:21:?? UTC) ago.

"When I first joined, I found AnonTalk to be the source of numerous solutions to many of my questions. Today, I still do. I find the enforcing of the strict grammar rules to be an excellent advantage. Sysop could be a bit more friendly and less full of himself; AnonTalk could even be more interesting. You have, however, all of my support!" — "Tom" , 3 months (2010-01-22 18:03:?? UTC) ago.

"Somewhat intelligent, slightly amusing discussions without any '''blatant''' trolls." — "Jody" , 3 months (2010-01-22 03:40:?? UTC) ago.

"I like it, it seems somewhat more intelligent, though nothing is perfect." — "The Green Gentleman" , 3 months (2010-01-13 12:58:?? UTC) ago.

"Friendly and accepts you for whoever you may be. I much prefer this to the Retardchans. Sysop, keep up the good work." — "Master Mombossa" , 4 months (2010-01-01 15:50:?? UTC) ago.

"I like this site, if Sysop treated us with respect I'd like it a lot more." — "NIL" , 4 months (2009-12-31 15:51:?? UTC) ago.

"Without Sysop this place would be a mess. I think the guy has put in a lot of hard work, and we should be all thankful for that. I certainly am." — Anonymous , 4 months (2009-12-31 13:04:?? UTC) ago.

"This site is my escape, I love it." — "A Dir en grey fan uses this site." , 4 months (2009-12-24 01:06:?? UTC) ago.

"I love this site! It's brilliant being able to speak out and remain anonymous. It's also very simple and easy to use - even a prick like me knows how to use it!" — "Crawford" , 4 months (2009-12-21 08:08:?? UTC) ago.

"This a a pretty neat place to submit opinions and questions, I mean, there are things that always need to be done to improve it (IMO there is too much pedophilia discussion, not to mention the direct links to CP and related things.) Nonetheless if you are not one a pedophile it '''still''' is a nice place to hang out in and share opinions." — "Josh A." , 4 months (2009-12-19 08:04:?? UTC) ago.

"I see so much censorship in the world and I know I can always speak my mind on AnonTalk." — Anonymous , 5 months (2009-11-30 04:47:?? UTC) ago.

"I find that this website is unique in that you can talk about anything. Epic, and I like it very much." — "Charlotte" , 5 months (2009-11-25 19:49:?? UTC) ago.

"This website is fantastic and I wish more people used it. Never give up, Sysop! You're awesome, we appreciate you!" — "Charles Kamehameha" , 5 months (2009-11-20 22:03:?? UTC) ago.

"At is an open platform for discussions preserving the freedom of opinion and speech anonymously. As such I consider AT to be one of the best websites there are." — Anonymous , 5 months (2009-11-15 18:46:?? UTC) ago.

"I adore AnonTalk. Whenever I have something on my mind I come to AnonTalk and write a topic, instead of bullshit replies you'd usually get on some websites you get intelligent replies that are well written. The moderation is perfect, the free speech is perfect, this entire website is perfect!" — "Chelsea." , 6 months (2009-10-19 14:52:?? UTC) ago.

"Although I don't agree with many of the threads posted here, they are easy to overlook in favour of other discussions. This site is a credit to Sysop's hard and sometimes thankless work." — Anonymous , 7 months (2009-10-12 20:00:?? UTC) ago.

"I think this site is an oasis for people who get sick of the memes and retarded crap common on the internet these days." — Anonymous , 7 months (2009-10-09 19:58:?? UTC) ago.

"I think there are too many trolls, and Sysop over-reacts a lot, but I love this place. We may not have the best Sysop, but nobody is perfect. Hurray for free speech!" — Anonymous , 7 months (2009-10-05 23:52:?? UTC) ago.

"I love AnonTalk, I have used this site for a few months now, and really love it. Thanks for the good work." — "Michael" , 7 months (2009-10-03 07:18:?? UTC) ago.

"I fucking love this place with every atom and cell of my body! I love you with all my heart Sysop, thank you for this place." — "Johnny B." , 7 months (2009-10-03 00:17:?? UTC) ago.

"Wonderful site; too many pedos but that's what happens when you have true free speech. I like. :D" — Anonymous , 7 months (2009-10-01 21:31:?? UTC) ago.

"I can ask almost any question here wereas I couldn't anywhere else without my topic reaching page five, or just being ignored totally." — Anonymous , 7 months (2009-09-30 21:24:?? UTC) ago.

"At first I wasn't sure, but now I know I am around people who I can have an awesome discussion with! A great website!" — "Jowseff" , 7 months (2009-09-28 14:56:?? UTC) ago.

"I love how I can talk about "certain topics" here that I can't anywhere else." — "TrueAnarchist" , 7 months (2009-09-19 17:30:?? UTC) ago.

"I enjoy this website because of the freedom to talk about anything and everything. I also think that the SysOp is a just and fair moderator, and that his grammar rules make AT a better place. This must be the most intelligent BBS on the Internet." — "Jaydee" , 9 months (2009-08-08 21:17:?? UTC) ago.

"No matter what I post (so long as it's not garbage) I can always get some kind of a response. Keep on rocking in the free world, AT!" — "Mark" , 9 months (2009-08-08 03:22:?? UTC) ago.

"I love this place. I've never been able to just say whatever I want before and know that there'll be no consequences (except for being shitlisted!) And you've just gotta love Sysop :)" — "DanDen" , 9 months (2009-08-07 13:14:?? UTC) ago.

"Today when referring to someone I thought was an idiot I used "retardchan" instinctively. Am I here too much?" — "GoldenSpike" , 9 months (2009-07-23 18:08:?? UTC) ago.

"All the gadgets and gizmos on this site are really helpful. The thoughts here are (usually) of the highest quality. Anything short of spamming or horrible English goes here, and though it's not perfect (as nothing ever is), it's very good." — "Burgandy" , 9 months (2009-07-16 19:09:?? UTC) ago.

"Ex-retard here, glad I left the place which had a fucked-up admin who didn't know what he was doing, much better to be here at AnonTalk." — Anonymous , 10 months (2009-07-11 14:47:?? UTC) ago.

"I can be myself here and people take me seriously. This place is better than a shrink." — Anonymous , 10 months (2009-07-08 19:30:?? UTC) ago.

"I haven't seen such a well-built website for a while. Good job, Sysop! (Although the small amout of ban warning and high CP discussion rate get me down a bit.)" — "Silvertie" , 10 months (2009-07-08 13:24:?? UTC) ago.

"This is by far the best website I have visited for discussion on any subject. The community here is exceptionally developed, and spam of any kind is not tolerated." — Anonymous , 10 months (2009-07-07 18:25:?? UTC) ago.

"One of the best parts of Anontalk is the haste with which shitty topics get deleted, ensuring constant, undiluted quality in the content here." — "Lunk" , 10 months (2009-07-01 08:36:?? UTC) ago.

"A site that allows open and non judgemental discussion about contreversial subjects such as pedophilia." — Anonymous , 10 months (2009-06-30 03:06:?? UTC) ago.

"Finally, a BBS that knows what it's doing to the level of actually doing something original." — Anonymous , 10 months (2009-06-23 15:42:?? UTC) ago.

"I love how this is a site where I can feel free to discuss the most taboo of topics without threat of mass persecution." — Anonymous , 11 months (2009-06-08 00:40:?? UTC) ago.

"This place has taught me how to think critically and has made me see the world around me in a different manner." — Anonymous , 11 months (2009-05-31 14:02:?? UTC) ago.

"I find myself constantly impressed with the level of conversation here." — Anonymous , 11 months (2009-05-24 05:41:?? UTC) ago.

"I can actually post here without being bombarded with 200 replies saying "DESU DESU MUDKIPZ LOLOLOL FAGGOT"." — Anonymous , 12 months (2009-05-09 05:00:?? UTC) ago.

"I like the forum design. I wish Sysop would make the forum source code available for sale. I would buy it." — Anonymous , 12 months (2009-05-09 02:04:?? UTC) ago.

"Mostly free from retards, and SysOp does a nice job keeping it free from scum. So fucking donate to him please." — "HS" , 12 months (2009-05-06 17:32:?? UTC) ago.

"A pretty good website overall. The design and structure of it, along with the endless amounts of extra information, such as exact times of posting, etc. make it that much better." — Anonymous , 12 months (2009-05-02 02:45:?? UTC) ago.

"I enjoy this place because it's a place where I can actually get a reasonable answer no matter what I'm asking for, and may write what I want. No restrictions. :) I feel like I'm able to express myself here." — "KS" , 12 months (2009-04-30 10:39:?? UTC) ago.

"I love AT because it allows people to have real intellectual discussions about anything at all. Thanks Sysop for giving us a place with no censorship to talk about whatever we want." — Anonymous , 12 months (2009-04-28 21:08:?? UTC) ago.

"AnonTalk is one of the best anonymous forums that fosters an intellectual atmosphere." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-04-13 17:17:?? UTC) ago.

"I love it for the simple reason that it isn't infested with trolls. Not as much as you-know-what-chan, anyway." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-04-08 21:01:?? UTC) ago.

"I love this place, and it is such an amazing change from 4chan! The articles are actually interesting, yet they never revolve around one thing! Love you, SysOp!" — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-03-25 02:07:?? UTC) ago.

"Excellent website! You don't realise how annoying and crappy other forums are until you've tried this. Intelligent community, well-coded and constantly evolving website, not to mention addictive as hell! This website is truly marvelous." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-03-15 21:51:?? UTC) ago.

"I can reveal my age and still have older users communicate with me at an intelligent and thoughtful level!" — "Loli" , 1 year (2009-02-25 06:11:?? UTC) ago.

"Thank-you, SysOp! Your rules about punctuation and flagged banned words force people to think when they otherwise may not and deter others who will not or cannot. The elegantly simple layout makes the user experience delightfully trackable. Quite a mind-opening read to learn what anonymous ideas actually are and comfortable place to post same." — "Jack V" , 1 year (2009-02-24 12:02:?? UTC) ago.

"This is the only message board on the Internet which isn't inhabited by brainless morons. Nothing generic or pre-made here. A breath of fresh air." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-02-23 07:00:?? UTC) ago.

"My favorite part about AT is the people who constitute it, it is patently different from any other BBS." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-02-23 05:13:?? UTC) ago.

"Finally a place wherein the masses don't throw axioms after axioms in the likes of a debate and where they're largely debunked if stated otherwise. It shows that most of our members can think for themselves. Even our younger members who admit their ages aren't as dumb as most of their counterparts. And being a member since the month AT launched, it would be completely undeniable to say a very, very dedicated owner. He has more tolerance than the common person may think, not losing "it" after all the trolling, DDoSing and all. I'll always be a member and hold the site in high regards." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-02-22 05:29:?? UTC) ago.

"This place doesn't treat you like you're a 10-year-old." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-02-21 23:56:?? UTC) ago.

"I seriously can't use other forums because they are made and run so horribly." — "Sysop" , 1 year (2009-02-21 20:42:?? UTC) ago.

"The freedom to hold a discussion without being bothered by people who argue for arguing's sake is ... a beautiful thing." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-02-21 19:06:?? UTC) ago.

"I think places like this are very important. It's rare to see something nowadays that is totally free and anonymous, but still has some ground rules everyone agrees with and that contribute to a cleaner organization. It's also very evident that the software AnonTalk runs on is very well-made, and is constantly being upgraded with more and more functions that make navigation and response much more immediate and intuitive." — "RAIDEN" , 1 year (2009-02-21 14:04:?? UTC) ago.

"AnonTalk is like a deep breath of fresh air. Everyone's opinions are welcomed here and topics don't disappear after fifteen minutes." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-02-21 08:52:?? UTC) ago.

"I don't feel like I am losing IQ points here." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-02-21 04:01:?? UTC) ago.

"I enjoy this place because the userbase is genuinely interested in the topics they post and respond to as opposed to many forums which are basically joke boards and a place for people to suck each other's cock." — Anonymous , 1 year (2009-02-21 03:42:?? UTC) ago.

(You can add your own testimonial when you have been here for a while and are considered a "regular".)