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The board now no longer forces those "__ AT __" (without the spaces) things for internal links. It prefers them, because it is philosophically "right" and it saves a few bytes of storage, but it will now also accept any internal http:// or https:// link and then correctly transform them (if necessary) when presented to the visitor, depending on the interface he/she uses. This makes it much easier to link to AT pages for lazy people who just copy and paste the address seen in the Web browser. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-25 18:48:?? UTC)
When the fuck did it become okay for people not to put a space before and after parentheses?! ? 1 month (2010-03-25 13:51:?? UTC)
You can stop sending me hate mails now, chantards. I never read them. No. Really. I don't. You are wasting your time. I notice that countless of them appear very lengthy, but I don't need to read more than the subject or the first few words of the body in order to insta-realize that it's just yet another nonsensical ramble by another confused teenager who apparently gets a sense of "belonging" when he joins the oceans of drooling, gullible drones that make up Retardchan, the asshole of the Internet. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-24 23:29:?? UTC)
Acronyms are written with capital letters. Is it really that hard to understand? If you type "cp" or "p2p" your post will be deleted. STOP! ? 1 month (2010-03-24 21:27:?? UTC)
To "kind of" solve an old problem: … Note that AT has not turned into a dating site just because of this — this is to provide a means for those who really want to talk to somebody in private, and should definitely not be used on a routine basis. However, it does allow for some new kinds of topics, as long as they are created responsibly and don't take over the board. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-24 19:46:?? UTC)
There is a great deal of difference between the words "ad" and "add". Add is short for addition, as in adding things together. Ad is short for advertisement. I'm sure you can clearly see why calling an advertisement an "add" makes you an idiot. ? 1 month (2010-03-24 11:24:?? UTC)
Please do not feed the trolls. I notice a lot of that going on lately. ? 1 month (2010-03-24 11:04:?? UTC)
"Yeah man it is cool the IP gets deleted from that site quickly(like it really makes a diff. XD) and in some places it is not illegal to look just download." If you are going to type like that, kindly leave this site. Grammar rules (including punctuation) are heavily enforced here. This post is not proper grammar. ? 1 month (2010-03-24 09:17:?? UTC)
For the eight millionth fucking time, use your goddamn question marks. "What is the best way no to get caught." Not correct. "What is the best way to get caught?" is correct. Please remember this while you are writing your post and when you proofread it. ? 1 month (2010-03-24 07:35:?? UTC)
Use proper spacing when you use parenthesis (like this), and put a space after using an ellipsis… like that. ? 1 month (2010-03-24 06:51:?? UTC)
Stop writing "therefor" when you mean "therefore"… ? 1 month (2010-03-24 00:25:?? UTC)
Somebody really ought to train a pony to bite off Christopher "lying psycho thief" Poole's penis. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-23 23:50:?? UTC)
A poster just waited no less than six months before appealing a ban… That must be some sort of record. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-23 17:43:?? UTC)
"That is not suppose to happen." ← Wrong. It's "That is not suppose d to happen." Sysop 1 month (2010-03-23 13:54:?? UTC)
The trash cans now allow for selective deletion of items rather than "clear everything or keep it until it expires". Sysop 1 month (2010-03-23 10:45:?? UTC)
It's "paid for" — not "payed for"… Sysop 1 month (2010-03-22 21:20:?? UTC)
Yes, I know that today's cache of the statistics page was fucked up. It will hopefully update properly in a few hours. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-22 21:06:?? UTC)
With the insane amount of psychos coming here now, you real AnTs must work much harder to spread the word to non-chantards and post lots of quality topics and replies yourself. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-21 21:42:?? UTC)
The Diamond (10,000 posts) perk was moved down to Gold (500 posts). Sysop 1 month (2010-03-21 21:20:?? UTC)
To clarify: if you got a PM saying that you were affected by an extermination, you will be unbanned and may re-post all the topics/replies that were deleted. This was done by (yet another) fucking retard wiseguy who was naturally quickly banned, shitlisted and had its password scrambled for this. I have also made it much more difficult to repeat this, once again, at the cost of flexibility. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-21 20:53:?? UTC)
Yet another rogue wiseguy started mass-exterminating innocent posters/posts for over five minutes before I saw it. A large number of good posts posted within the last 24 hours have thus been deleted and many of their authors banned. If you were affected by this psycho fucktard's actions, send me a PM and I will unban you. Unfortunately, I cannot restore your posts. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-21 20:35:?? UTC)
A "by_OP" class is now added to the replies in topics posted by the OP, in addition to the printed "OP" text. This enables stylesheets (skins) for AT where OP's posts are highlighted in some manner, for example with a different background. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-21 19:54:?? UTC)
Activity (not traffic) has dropped a lot. WTF? Sysop 1 month (2010-03-21 18:42:?? UTC)
I think the elusive "lame hacker/bot detected" bug is entirely gone now. The board will once again only spit out that for real bots. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-21 13:35:?? UTC)
Stop waiting for ages (weeks or months) to appeal bans. Do it ASAP instead. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-21 08:31:?? UTC)
New feature: "Replies to my topics". I've wanted to implement this for a very long time. It's now found under "Stuff" next to "Replies to my replies". This will complement the watchlist and "History" features nicely. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-20 20:53:?? UTC)
The incredibly annoying "lame hacker/bot detected" bug might now be fixed… but we'll just have to see. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-20 19:23:?? UTC)
Why the hell are you complaining about AnonTalk, its policies and the practices of its moderators and administrators? There's nothing whatsoever to complain about, so keep your damn hallucinations in your own heads. Only trolls and psychos would bitch about the best site on the web. ? 1 month (2010-03-20 17:37:?? UTC)
The "New topic" link in the main menu now appears in "hardcore mode" in the "topics" section, since there is no "Topics [+]" link there. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-20 16:07:?? UTC)
Thanks, person/persons who report illegal YouTube videos and other harassments related to AT to the respective sites. Keep up the good work — it appears to be working. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-20 15:57:?? UTC)
The number of idiots on here is horrifying, so stop being fucking idiots. You WILL be banned if you don't stop. ? 1 month (2010-03-20 14:23:?? UTC)
Ignore trolls, even if you're insulting them. ? 1 month (2010-03-20 13:53:?? UTC)
I won't even tell you how much money is needed for a new server since you won't donate anyway… Sysop 1 month (2010-03-20 10:45:?? UTC)
Why would you start a sentence in lower-case? Why?! It will be deleted and you will either be warned or banned immediately and that topic will be fucked up. Also, stop doing "> >Some quote…" or ">> Some quote…" when you mean "> Some quote…". I don't know why you keep adding random shit randomly. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-19 15:06:?? UTC)
We don't like banning people, but idiots will get banned, no questions asked; don't count on appealing either, we aren't that forgiving. Do the mods (and yourself) a favour and stop being idiots. ? 1 month (2010-03-19 15:03:?? UTC)
I've said it many times in the past and this is scarcely the last time: there are a lot of dangerously stupid fucking retards out there. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-19 13:55:?? UTC)
Why the fuck do people keep putting spaces before punctuation marks?! Fucking STOP! ? 1 month (2010-03-19 03:42:?? UTC)
The watchlist's "!" indicator now also is a link for showing "only new" items. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-17 09:21:?? UTC)
"Is there anyway to get my ID unbanned." ← Not as long as you type like that, no… Sysop 1 month (2010-03-17 05:55:?? UTC)
"Anyway" is NOT the same as "any way"… Sysop 1 month (2010-03-16 18:12:?? UTC)
Fixed a bunch of shit. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-16 14:04:?? UTC)
Remember to make a "backup" of the body (by copying it to the text buffer) before submitting the form, especially during attacks. Otherwise, the same page may reload with all form input cleared and you will have to re-type it all. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-16 12:38:?? UTC)
Stop putting a space before question marks. ? 1 month (2010-03-15 19:29:?? UTC)
Added "hardcore mode" to the dashboard. Not sure how many will find this useful, but I do. Sysop 1 month (2010-03-15 08:20:?? UTC)
Us AnTs need to stick together. Disregard all of the FUD, and anything that the lying scumbag "moot" comes out with; most importantly, do not venture to any shitty clone Web site. The spam and DDoS attacks can only strengthen our mindsets, and remind us to never let the scum of the Internet win. Defeat never, victory forever… ? 2 months (2010-03-14 15:40:?? UTC) Sysop 2 months (2010-03-14 10:38:?? UTC)
AnonTalk is currently under a raid by the idiots over at Retardchan. Sysop is doing a good job of keeping their threads down. I'm on their IRC watching what's going on, and it's probably the first well-done raid I've seen in a long time. They are running a denial-of-service attack as well as spamming. Please ignore those trolls and allow Sysop to do his work. ? 2 months (2010-03-11 09:47:?? UTC) ← Lowered the requirement of 500 posts to 100 again (because new wiseguys are needed). Also wrote a better handbook. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-11 04:02:?? UTC)
"NEVER share your internal ID/account with ANYONE! Do not let others vote in polls or post as themselves using your ID. You will be banned as soon as your poster account is found acting as both female and male." ← From the rules. Don't fucking vote in polls for females only if you are male. Lying fucks… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-11 02:56:?? UTC)
What the fuck? Every fucking day, I get confused PMs from people saying they're banned "for no reason" and that they promise that they will "refrain from talking about anything sexual". Are these trolls? Haven't they grasped the purpose of this place at all? It's not what you say (except in the case of actual trolls), but how you do it. Their posts are full of basic writing errors. That's why they get banned and have their post(s) removed — not because they were talking about X. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-10 22:54:?? UTC)
Posters, please read the fucking rules on the reply page and do not reply to posters by specific letters. ? 2 months (2010-03-10 19:33:?? UTC)
"foo- bar" ← Once again: where the FUCK did you learn this nonsense?! STOP. DOING. IT! It's "foo — bar", "foo - bar" or even "foo-bar", but never, ever "foo- bar". Sysop 2 months (2010-03-10 11:47:?? UTC)
Why do posters who know that they are banned keep trying to post? It's depressing, because they have good things to contribute with, but they just had to fuck up, forcing me to ban them. I wish that there were no need for moderation at all, but sadly, there are heaps of shit posted here all the time. Most people just don't care about writing properly, and ignore the rules and instructions, but, somehow, I will change that. All you have to do is care. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-10 02:30:?? UTC)
"Obama?." ← A period does not follow a question mark. "IP Address" ← HUH?! Why are you capitalizing the initial of "address"?! "THe" ← … (I could go on forever like this, but I only post one bulletin per 1,000 or so instances.) Sysop 2 months (2010-03-10 02:22:?? UTC)
I have just made the very sad discovery that lots of posters lie in polls by voting in both "males only" and "females only" polls. I have banned and shitlisted many of them. Several were long-timers and some even wiseguys. All of them had what looked like high-quality posts. This is extremely depressing and makes me think that there is no point in having polls if all these fucking idiots are going to lie in them anyway, despite being anonymous. Are there no honest, genuine people left in the world? Sysop 2 months (2010-03-09 20:58:?? UTC)
"The next generation will think you!" ← How to force proof-reading? Sysop 2 months (2010-03-09 20:29:?? UTC)
"4chan" is once again a banned phrase here and will remain so at least until the illegal clone is removed from his server and "AnonTalk" is unblocked as a banned phrase over there. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-09 20:04:?? UTC)
"or it it better" ← START. FUCKING. PROOF-READING! Sysop 2 months (2010-03-09 19:52:?? UTC)
"It defiantly works." ← Fuck off. "Other peoples opinions." ← Fuck off. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-09 19:46:?? UTC)
Seven new wiseguys needed. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-09 19:44:?? UTC)
Where the fuck do all these illiterate morons come from? An insane amount of time is spent just deleting posts and banning people because their shit is packed with errors. Start recruiting AnTs from places where non-retards hang… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-09 16:49:?? UTC)
Test: nobody will be allowed to post if they have three or more unread bulletins. Report all bugs and give feedback… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-09 02:06:?? UTC)
"Fat people and homosexuals affect others, smokers ans pedophiles do." ← Why would you post this utter nonsense? Sysop 2 months (2010-03-08 22:40:?? UTC)
"Anyway" and "any way" are different. So are "DVD's" and "DVDs". Sysop 2 months (2010-03-08 22:06:?? UTC)
Many new wiseguys still needed. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-08 21:10:?? UTC)
I ask all loyal AnTs to send e-mails to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] (etc.) and tell them to remove the illegal clone or deactivate the entire 4chan domain name if they don't comply, as per their ToS/AUP and U.S. (local) law. You may think that "competition" causes me to "work harder", but this is not the case; it just feels pointless when worthless thieves keep stealing your ideas. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-08 20:51:?? UTC)
The "See discussion" links in polls with topics attached to them now also get "(X new)" links if there are new replies. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-08 20:18:?? UTC)
Again, capitalize your acronyms. ? 2 months (2010-03-08 05:52:?? UTC)
It's "P2P" and "MP3" — not "p2p" and "mp3"… GOD! Sysop 2 months (2010-03-08 02:49:?? UTC)
Remember to use proper capitalization and punctuation. ? 2 months (2010-03-08 02:33:?? UTC)
"Trys"? "Thier"? Fuck off. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-07 22:47:?? UTC)
STOP RANDOMLY CAPITALIZING RANDOM FUCKING WORDS! AND END YOUR GOD DAMN SENTENCES/POSTS! Sysop 2 months (2010-03-07 22:45:?? UTC) ← This physically hurts to read. (And what the hell is the deal with the correct post in the bottom? That's not even uncommon…) Sysop 2 months (2010-03-07 21:34:?? UTC)
Some people seriously seem unable to post correctly…

First attempt: "My girlfriend wants to run away and wants me to help her, what do I do?"
Second: "My girlfriend is going to run away from home, how can I help her?"
Third: "My girlfriend is going to run away from home how can I help her?"

And that's just the headline. Eventually, you just give up on the poster… :-/
Sysop 2 months (2010-03-07 21:14:?? UTC)
"You need to think about what will happen to you if you are caught in whatever country to go to. Some if them will just kill you instead of sending you to trial." ← Sigh… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-07 21:01:?? UTC)
AT now <SPOILER> supports this spoiler syntax </SPOILER> experimentally. Report any bugs. The "current scheme" thing is probably going to be deprecated, or at least hidden, unless somebody can come up with a good reason to keep it mentioned: Sysop 2 months (2010-03-07 18:29:?? UTC)
So many dangerously stupid people… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-07 16:33:?? UTC)
"Your clearly unhappy" ← What kind of English teachers do they hire in schools these days? Unbelievable. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-07 15:05:?? UTC)
"Is this normal?" is a worthless headline. Don't fucking post such nonsense. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-07 08:49:?? UTC)
Yet another lying retard has been busted for pretending to be everything from a Muslim, an anti-gay, a gay who just got married, a young boy, etc., in different big topics. Stop fucking up this place with lies and junk, you rude pieces of shit. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-07 08:44:?? UTC)
Nothing but fucktard trolls and plain morons… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 21:05:?? UTC)
"Hi there AnTs, I would like you guys to list some PC games you would suggest.I already have the following:Street Fighter IV,Borderlands,PES 2010,Batman Arkham Asylum,The Sims 3,Plants Vs. Zombies,Prototype,Fifa 2010,Quantum of Solace,Fallout 3 and Overlord II.I highly recommend all of the games I mentioned above." ← Punctuation hell. Instant ban and shitlist. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 19:59:?? UTC)
"Lets do that!" ← Both "let's" and "lets" are correct "words", but not in the same contexts! "Let's" means "let us" — "lets" is used like: "Mary lets her fluffy lamb run freely. How nice." Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 11:39:?? UTC)
"That is way to young", "and quit common if I'm not mistaken.", "I play whatever my slow ass old computer will run, which is ROMs from N6 and earlier." ← A lack of typos doesn't mean that your sentences make sense grammar-wise or context-wise ("too", "quite", most likely "N64"). Stop generating problems. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 11:23:?? UTC) Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 11:14:?? UTC)
Stop being "sorry" — don't fucking mess up in the first place. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 05:27:?? UTC)
It's "definitely". De-fi-ni-te-ly. De… fi… ni… te… ly. DEFI NITE LY. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 04:31:?? UTC)
"So what do you think of my shirtless video? (link inside)" ← This should either read "So what do you think of my shirtless video (link inside)?" or "So what do you think of my shirtless video? (Link inside.)" Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 02:57:?? UTC)
Please listen to Sysop for once. At least try. ? 2 months (2010-03-06 02:56:?? UTC)
Quick grammar/punctuation lesson to get rid of some comma splicers: Do use the comma in situations such as this: "Hi, everyone!" (rather than "Hi everyone!"). Do not use the comma in situations such as this: "I liked the weather yesterday, it was nice." — instead, use the semi colon or start a new sentence: "I liked the weather yesterday; it was nice." or "I liked the weather yesterday. It was nice." Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 02:55:?? UTC)
It's as if every fucking warning is ignored. You just keep posting with the same errors again and again, regardless of manual warnings, even after promising to stop… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 02:47:?? UTC)
It's "P2P" and "CP" — not "p2p" and "cp" (unless you want to refer to the Unix command for copying files)… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-06 00:05:?? UTC)
"I plan to have some lovely photos of my girlfriend on their soon." ← This sneaky raping of the English language is worse than spam. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-05 23:50:?? UTC)
If you think that a lot of bulletins are "pointless", you should know that I resist the urge to post more of the "ranting" kind many times a day. It's equally frustrating every time somebody starts posting PMs/topics about how there is no freedom of speech here and all that usual crap when they actually got banned and/or had their post(s) deleted simply because of the spelling/punctuation/grammar rather than the contents (which is very often the case). On to investigate 25 elaborate abuse reports… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-05 21:44:?? UTC)
"I will no longer be using this website. Farewell and good luck." ← Yeah… or you could simply realize that your post was deleted because it did have an error ("1900's" — I wasn't even the one who deleted it, but the wiseguy who did was correct in doing so). "There was nothing wrong with my topic." my ass. The stock PM sent was friendly and the topic could've been easily re-posted. The reason I post this bulletin instead of responding to the PM is that this person is now likely using a new ID. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-05 21:36:?? UTC)
You may not like what is being discussed, but be happy there is a website where you can discuss anything. ? 2 months (2010-03-05 15:02:?? UTC)
How fucking hard is it to use the comma properly? Not at all. So stop abusing it. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-04 23:11:?? UTC)
8+ hours and days between votes for recent polls? You've got to be kidding… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-04 20:08:?? UTC) ← Now streamlined. Never send PMs with word suggestions again. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-04 19:50:?? UTC)
When you are given multiple "last warning"s out of pure kindness, YOU DON'T FUCKING CONTINUE MAKING THE SAME GOD DAMN MISTAKES ONCE AGAIN! Rude fucks. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-04 19:37:?? UTC)