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"Lifes"? Some people can barely get a single word right… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-04 16:53:?? UTC)
"How do prepare your rectum for anal stimulation?" ← FUCKING. PROOF. READ. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-04 04:18:?? UTC)
So many assholes don't give a shit about doing anything properly… it's sad. Do everyone a favour: never publish posts with errors in them. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-04 03:38:?? UTC)! Sysop 2 months (2010-03-03 23:23:?? UTC)
Don't be afraid of submitting events. I must say that I'm genuinely baffled by how extremely few get added. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-03 23:04:?? UTC)
5,000 polls created. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-03 18:47:?? UTC)
"I give a fuck if you ban me. It's the boards loss." ← So… many… idiots… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-03 14:33:?? UTC)
Some posters have literally written hundreds of replies (sprinkled out over almost as many old topics) which are genuine but full of errors. Going through each one by one simply takes too much time; I just nuked one of them after giving up on trying to find any correctly written posts. It's possible that a few of them might've been correct due to pure luck (short length?), but I can't sit and check every fucking post by those rude morons. I don't wanna know how many old topics don't make sense now… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-03 01:59:?? UTC)
Whenever you encounter a Web site consisting of one page saying "My girlfriend cheated on me. And This is my revenge!" (or anything similar) with a series of "hidden" images, IT IS A SPAM SCAM! Trying to spread such referral links here will result in the post(s) getting removed, you getting banned and the domain getting added to the banned phrases (feels like I've added hundreds of them with new ones popping up every day). They usually are called "ihate<name>.". Sysop 2 months (2010-03-02 22:35:?? UTC)
"Am I the only person here who finds this post deeply offensive." ← … … … Sysop 2 months (2010-03-02 22:04:?? UTC)
Always remember this, chantards: the harder you try, the harder you fail. ? 2 months (2010-03-02 19:07:?? UTC)
Wiseguys who got unmade purely (or primarily, in some cases) because of inactivity may re-apply if they honestly explain what happened. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-02 15:27:?? UTC)
Always make sure to have a nice day. ? 2 months (2010-03-02 02:40:?? UTC)
Alright. The new "replies to my replies" bug has now been fixed. The damn thing should now be working properly. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-02 01:55:?? UTC)
Um… I should probably mention that although it may seem like it sometimes, not a single one of the AT testimonials was faked by me (the only one I wrote was the one which is marked "Sysop"). Sysop 2 months (2010-03-02 00:35:?? UTC)
Improved the "replies to my replies" feature even more by making it smart enough to understand manual cites and also "multi cites". Could be broken right now. Report all bugs. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-01 22:21:?? UTC)
"Oh, Im sorry, I misundertstood you. The errors that are aparent to be are gramatical and speeling wise, content wise I do not see anything wrong" ← Cannot possibly be a non-troll… Sysop 2 months (2010-03-01 21:01:?? UTC)
Improved the "replies to my replies" feature to not "clear" when loaded, but instead show the latest ones and mark where you last looked. Any bugs? It also is not linked to in "tinfoil mode". Sysop 2 months (2010-03-01 18:46:?? UTC)
The fact that moot now actually knowingly hosts an illegal clone of AT (and refuses to remove it) could mean that we finally can get Retardchan removed from the Internet. There is now an obvious legal case, directly related to AT. I propose that you focus your efforts on Network Solutions to get the domain deactivated. I will continue contacting them until the domain is deactivated or the subdomain and illegal AT clone is gone from moot's server. I count on you to help out this time. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-01 11:43:?? UTC)
Since all these fucking retards keep sending me e-mails and PMs about it (regardless of whether or not they actually believe it), I want to make something perfectly clear: I have never participated (nor would I ever) in any discussion (or contributed in any way) at any of the illegal clones of AT. I also never re-visit them, not even to keep track of what psychos are coming up with. I have much better things to do. In short terms: you have never talked to me outside of AT, and you never will. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-01 02:17:?? UTC)
The much requested "replies to my replies" feature now exists. See: Sysop 2 months (2010-03-01 01:48:?? UTC)
Removed the text and link about "transfer codes" from the "ID backup" page and instead made it a separate link in "Stuff". I've wanted to clear that up for a very long time. Sysop 2 months (2010-03-01 01:37:?? UTC)
That's the "thank you" I got for sending a friendly e-mail asking him for mutual linkage to end the "war". What a complete psycho fucktard. But what can you expect from a person who has made a fortune from hosting others' copyrighted images without their consent? Not to mention how he has allowed his moronic users to organize illegal DDoS attacks and thousands of "raids" aimed toward AT. I will be sending a large number of e-mails to those companies and if you are one of the good guys, so will you. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-28 23:03:?? UTC)
The illiterate "moot" (the copycat who runs 4chan, one of the worst Web sites in existence) has now started hosting the main illegal AT clone on his own server with a subdomain of 4chan. He has now crossed the border between "asshole" and "complete psycho". If you are a loyal AnT, or you just don't approve of blatant plagiarism, you'll help me by sending e-mails to (the host) and (domain registrar) demanding the takedown of the illegal clone. (Don't ask for the URL.) Sysop 2 months (2010-02-28 22:54:?? UTC)
"Thanks for listening AT, I've got no one else to tell." ← This should read: "Thanks for listening, AT — I've got no one else to tell." or "Thanks for listening, AT. I've got no one else to tell."… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-28 21:58:?? UTC)
Six new wiseguys are needed. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-28 11:40:?? UTC)
"Anon B here on a different computer." ← NO! Fuck off. You will be banned for this. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-28 11:32:?? UTC)
"I wanna here OP say it, though." ← Retard. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-28 11:30:?? UTC)
What makes you think it is OK to respond to a topic in which the first letter of the post is miscapitalized? You know the topic is going to get nuked anyway, and it's against the rules. ? 2 months (2010-02-28 08:35:?? UTC)
This is complete nonsense: "What is better Pepsi or Coke?". This would make sense: "What is better: Pepsi or Coke?". So would this: "What is better? Pepsi or Coke?". Or this: "Pepsi or Coke?". Or this: "Pepsi or Coke — which is better?". Or this: "What is better — Pepsi or Coke?". Sysop 2 months (2010-02-27 22:21:?? UTC) Sysop 2 months (2010-02-27 21:43:?? UTC)
The fucking polls need more fucking participants. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-27 21:40:?? UTC)
Hint to chantards: you'll simply never beat us, the good guys, so the sooner you step over into the light and join AT (and its spirit), the better for everyone. Come on — remove that big, ugly lump of chan cancer and become a better person by starting here: Sysop 2 months (2010-02-27 19:10:?? UTC)
"Hello, my fellow AnT's […]" ← NO, you fucking idiots! There is absolutely no need for the apostrophe here. ? 2 months (2010-02-27 18:05:?? UTC)
If you're asking a question about legal matters (eg. "Is X illegal?"), make sure to state the country (or state, if relevant) that you live in. ? 2 months (2010-02-27 15:55:?? UTC)
It's as if you think that the warnings about quoting entire posts, referring to poster letters or saying "OP here" are there to "look pretty". They're not, and they don't. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-27 14:50:?? UTC)
STOP. QUOTING. ENTIRE. POSTS. I don't know how the fuck you manage to bypass the automatic check, but you will get banned if you do. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-27 14:49:?? UTC)
You need to start spreading the word to non-retards. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-26 22:34:?? UTC)
Why are you still not spreading the word? Why do polls get so few votes? Why are no events being added? To sum things up: what the fuck is wrong with you? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-26 19:37:?? UTC)
What the fuck? Stop making up rules. I keep seeing idiots who claim that a headline must end with punctuation. This is only the case if it's a question or if it consists of more than a single sentence. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-26 19:33:?? UTC)
The reason why you should not respond to trolls is the fact that they feed on negative responses. This video pretty much explains it: ? 2 months (2010-02-26 06:26:?? UTC)
To save time, you can type "m" (as in "magic") followed by a space and then an ordinary YouTube link in the "Related Web address" field when creating a new poll. This will automatically turn the link into a fancy one when submitting, just as you can do manually in the "toolbox". Sysop 2 months (2010-02-26 04:23:?? UTC)
Yes, I know that random ImageShack links randomly stop working sometimes. They usually "heal themselves" in a few hours. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-26 02:16:?? UTC)
Don't expect any warnings or to get unbanned; always do your very best. If us moderators give you a warning, or even several ones, you must immediately stop doing whatever you did wrong. This is rarely the case, however; you just continue as before and ignore the private message(s). Yes, humans are not machines, which is precisely why we must check what we have written (and edit it as necessary, which is almost definitely the case with every single text longer than a few words) before we publish it. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-26 02:11:?? UTC) ← Every day, all the time… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-26 00:36:?? UTC)
"You can surf the web on an iPod touch all you need to do is link it to a wireless router." ← This is nonsense. Stop randomly combining two sentences into one. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-26 00:22:?? UTC)
Stop using 'Random Capitalisation'! If you can't write a sentence without slapping the shift key like an idiot, then you, quite frankly, don't belong here. It's not funny, it's not a joke, grow up and/or leave. ? 2 months (2010-02-26 00:20:?? UTC)
Five more non-rat wiseguys needed. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-25 22:53:?? UTC)
Seven new wiseguys are needed. Most of the current ones have just been removed due to being subhuman traitor trolls who leak information. No more psychos are wanted. is the only place where you can request this — don't send any PMs to me about it. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-25 17:30:?? UTC)
"Rocket surgery" is a joke; "rocket science" and "brain surgery" (both very difficult/exclusive) combined. Stop asking… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-25 16:26:?? UTC)
It's "paid" — not "payed"… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-25 16:23:?? UTC)
"I thought people started using Face Book a lot more than My Space." ← If you need me to point out what's wrong with this post, leave AT. Don't ever come back. ? 2 months (2010-02-25 06:33:?? UTC)
Yes, making grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes DO mean you are unworthy of continuing to be allowed to live, never mind being allowed to post here. ? 2 months (2010-02-25 04:03:?? UTC)
"Should I go to prom or should I go and do something elese?" ← You rude piece of shit. I bet you're gonna waste even more time by asking why you were banned too… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-25 01:29:?? UTC)
Fixed a minor bug related to how poll options are presented in some rare cases. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-25 00:36:?? UTC)
Do you have any idea how many interesting topics and useful replies get deleted constantly because you just won't fucking type properly? It's "I'd" — not "Id". Or simply type it out ("I would" or whatever) if you can't handle the apostrophe. It is not rocket surgery! Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 23:48:?? UTC)
"Yes, I do understand other peoples opinions[…]" ← Thanks for making me delete yet another huge topic because you insist on fucking up basic grammar. "other peoples opinions"?! I fucking hate deleting posts. Stop publishing incorrect ones already. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 23:38:?? UTC)
Do you know how much help you guys are when you report crap posters? It really, really helps. ? 2 months (2010-02-24 20:08:?? UTC)
'I don't give me this "over here on AT" bullshit.' ← WHAT?! Proof-read your texts and edit them as needed before you publish them unless you want them deleted and your account banned. Jesus… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 20:04:?? UTC)
"Your loss mate. they're both gorgeous!" ← There are two obvious errors in this sentence. Why would you publish this? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 20:01:?? UTC)
It feels as if nearly everything posted here is deleted because it's shit. Fortunately, that is just a feeling, but it's a really shitty feeling. So stop fucking up. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 20:00:?? UTC)
Don't use the emphasis syntax for quotes, dammit… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 18:45:?? UTC)
"Your being over-optimistic if you think[…]" ← What the hell? My being…? Huh?! Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 18:39:?? UTC)
OK. It is very, very important that you spread the word to non-retards. No chantards. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 16:45:?? UTC)
Hundreds and hundreds of posts, not even a year old… all obviously incorrect (all lower-case, no ending punctuation, etc….). How the hell did they survive? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 16:44:?? UTC)
"I'm 16 can my penis still grow?" ← This is complete nonsense. What could possibly make somebody think that this is correct? Ever heard of punctuation? Stupid fucks. Stop. Posting. SHIT! The job of reversing the (possibly permanent) brain damage caused by MySpace, 4chan and all the other places where retards meet retards is horrible… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 16:34:?? UTC)
There's an ocean of posts violating every fucking rule and getting everything that you could possibly get wrong wrong… How the fuck did all this shit slip through? Because you didn't report them, because the wiseguys didn't do their job and because you were being retards in the first place. Talk about making AT look bad. Stop polluting this board with shit posts. You are only generating more work and you are not helping the board in any way. Some posters seem to be allergic to doing anything right… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 16:26:?? UTC)
WTF? Stop ignoring the PMs you get sent to you. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 16:07:?? UTC)
Stop responding to posters that clearly cannot spell and report them instead. It's not that hard. ? 2 months (2010-02-24 04:05:?? UTC)
Which part of "DO NOT QUOTE THE ENTIRE POST" is unclear? Stop fucking everything up. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-24 02:47:?? UTC)
Some people simply should not exist: Sysop 2 months (2010-02-23 23:01:?? UTC)
"Strong password recommendations" is a horribly misleading headline for a topic in which you request "strong password" recommendations… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-23 17:27:?? UTC)
Why the fuck is it so hard for some of you to stay on topic? ? 2 months (2010-02-23 17:08:?? UTC)
Stop typing "javascript" and "flash" when you mean "JavaScript" and "Flash". You know that this is wrong and you know that it will get you banned and your post(s) removed. You are wasting everyone's time, you rude shits. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-23 17:05:?? UTC)
Stop wishing for features that already exist. You should read through regularly, or at least before wishing for a new feature. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-23 12:20:?? UTC)
Never, ever join an off-topic "sub discussion" in any topic. You will be banned when you are found out (which will happen sooner or later) and all the posts will be removed. ALWAYS STICK TO THE TOPIC, OR CREATE YOUR OWN, SIMILAR TOPIC WITH YOUR OWN "ANGLE"! How fucking hard is this to grasp? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-23 12:08:?? UTC)
I just had to spend ages deleting off-topic replies in a topic, which was entirely ruined because nobody respected the OP's request. I'm fucking sick of it. I will soon entirely stop sending any kind of warning and just immediately permanently ban anyone not sticking to the topic or fucking up their posts and refuse to unban them. I bet there are countless topics with off-topic shit that I haven't noticed. Stop fucking doing it. Stick to the fucking topic or don't reply at all. Are you completely retarded? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-23 12:06:?? UTC)
Proof-read your fucking posts. I'm sick of deleting posts and banning posters because they published what came out as nonsense because they "forgot" one word. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-23 11:57:?? UTC)
I think I fixed a bug introduced a few minutes ago which messed up some valid (internal) links. Let me know if you experience any "weirdness" regarding links… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 21:13:?? UTC)
If I see one more fucking retard who types "ect" when they mean "etc."… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 21:09:?? UTC)
"My girlfriends choice of" ← Fuck off. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 20:41:?? UTC)
Stop abusing the "emphasis" syntax for "quotes", dammit… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 19:59:?? UTC)
And what the hell is wrong with morons doing 'this' to emphasize words? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 15:24:?? UTC)
What the fuck? STOP CALLING AT "AnT"! It's the first thing mentioned in the FAQ… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 15:21:?? UTC)
Anyone posting a useless reply such as "You've posted this before, OP." or "Why are you making another topic about this?" will be banned immediately. Stop fucking doing it. It not only makes assumptions that may or may not be correct, but ignores the fact that bullied topics can be revived after a certain time if they received no replies. At least two different explicitly written rules forbid that kind of reply. Even ignoring all that, however, that would still be a horribly useless and unhelpful reply… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 15:11:?? UTC)
Sorry, Blackberry users, but requesting whitelisting will be fruitless for you (assuming that you all use that special proxy) for quite some time due to a ban-evading psychopath. (No, it doesn't help if you first try to post something good, because he does that too only to then start fucktarding.) Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 15:06:?? UTC)
It's not "truecrypt". It's not "youtube". It's not "my-space". And so on. Do I have to start forcing everyone to read the bulletins before they can post?! Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 11:05:?? UTC)
"People are less interested to see what you're doing if you're door is open." ← This poster had tons of older posts. It's very unlikely that all the other ones are correctly written. Thanks a lot for ruining this place. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 10:59:?? UTC)
Sigh. The polls need much more traffic. Help out for once? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-22 10:40:?? UTC)
"I don't know, but that little girls legs are yummy." ← "girl's". (I just saw the previous bulletin and had to post this.) Sysop 2 months (2010-02-21 21:04:?? UTC)
"I don't know, but that little girls legs are yummy." ← A perfect example of a completely off-topic post, in a topic about dog breeds. What the fuck possesses people to post nonsense like this? Do you have no self-control? Are you completely retarded? ? 2 months (2010-02-21 20:47:?? UTC)
Can we publish some more events, please? ? 2 months (2010-02-21 20:38:?? UTC)
The "!" characters attached to the "Topics" and "Polls" links in the main menu when there are new items actually separately link to pages showing only the new topics/polls, rather than showing the latest ones with the new ones marked. (This should probably be added to the "tips and tricks" page.) Sysop 2 months (2010-02-21 19:33:?? UTC)
Don't capitalize the first letter of a word just because it comes after a comma. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-21 19:29:?? UTC)
What could possibly cause somebody to think that the PlayStation 3 is to be shortened as "PS/3" rather than "PS3"? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-21 15:59:?? UTC)
"Today I went to the swimming pool, and(in the go and coming back, not inside of it) I was totally isolated from the world." ← A fucking space goes before the fucking beginning parenthesis. Stop crapping out posts like that, you rude fucks. You will get banned and the post(s) will be removed. Don't bother appealing it if you won't even skim through your posts before publishing them. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-21 09:44:?? UTC)
STOP ADDING A SPACE AFTER THE "@OP"! WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS?! Sysop 2 months (2010-02-21 09:27:?? UTC)
It's "blogTV", "blogTV Junior", "iPod", "YouTube", etc.. Don't morph trademarks to adhere to normal English capitalization ("Blogtv", "BlogTV junior", "Ipod", "Youtube", etc….). Sysop 2 months (2010-02-21 09:25:?? UTC)
What part of "Each option MUST end with some kind of punctuation mark, such as a period or an ending parenthesis!" is confusing? Everyfuckingday Sysop 2 months (2010-02-21 09:22:?? UTC)
Yes, I am aware of the fact that the "lame hacker/bot detected" error is still around. I encountered it myself for the first time yesterday, so I know that it actually exists and triggers incorrectly. I will try to find a solution "soon", but there are many other things to do and this isn't exactly "critical"… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-21 00:42:?? UTC)