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Legal notices

This service/Web site is 100% legal to use and host in all even remotely sane jurisdictions. It is absolutely NOT some sort of "child porn hub" (as some scumbag liars will try to convince you; having to point this out feels unreal). Its servers have never and will never do evil things, such as sending, relaying or initiating (any kind of) spam or participating in any way in any kind of attack. That would be completely idiotic and hosting suicide. Don't believe everything you hear and read without being able to verify it. Don't be a sheep — be an AnT!

"Reporting" us is not only pointless but makes absolutely no sense since we are not harassing anyone or hosting any images, video clips, file archives or malware, unlike certain other Web sites that really shouldn't be allowed to exist (as long as we are talking censorship) and, ironically, whose users are trying to take us down. Downtime of this board caused by a known source may cause nasty reactions from our users.

If you don't like controversial topics being discussed, just don't visit this Web site instead of trying to ruin things for those of us who want to talk about them. All you will accomplish is some wasted time and making us even more convinced that this place is very important and must live on at any cost. Do everyone a favour and go create some beautiful art or something else creative instead, or, better yet, start hanging here and create/contribute in topics that interest you. After all, there is the ostrich mode.

Copyright violations are taken very seriously. Our users are not allowed to copy and paste content from anywhere unless they clearly quote it (preferably not all of it) and give credit to and, if possible, link back to the original author. Conversely, no content may be copied from this Web site without clearly stating the source and making it clear that you are quoting it (rather than pretending that you wrote it). For Web masters: "scraping" and copycating this board in any way is strictly forbidden, illegal (DMCA) and will be reported to all major search engines to get you delisted and your Internet service provider/host to get your Web site and/or server shut down.

Although you can hardly be stopped, it is highly discouraged that you cross-post an original text of yours here on other Web sites for several reasons. Please don't do that.

( and are the only official AnonTalk Web sites. Any other ones that look/sound similar or claim to have anything to do with this place are made by scum who copycat the board and/or make up blatant, unverifiable lies about this place in order to discredit us and spread FUD.)

See also: the copyright page