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"someones home" ← WRONG! It's "someone's home". Ever heard of the apostrophe? It is an important part of the English language. (That stupid guide needs to get written, but it's probably not going to be read by the ones who really need to do it anyway…) Sysop 2 months (2010-02-21 00:36:?? UTC)
New pet hate: Unnecessary apostrophe's. (Pun intended.) ? 2 months (2010-02-20 23:31:?? UTC)
"Can anyone explain why this happens?" is a crappy headline. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-20 22:08:?? UTC)
About three new wiseguys needed at the moment. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-20 21:07:?? UTC)
Fixed a bunch of annoying bugs on IWAP… but since that has nothing to do with AT, it doesn't belong here. Nevertheless: Sysop 2 months (2010-02-20 20:08:?? UTC)
I'm not sure about this, but in French (and/or other written languages), it appears as if you actually are supposed to put a space before a question mark or exclamation point. This is not the case in English! Also, in German, some "normal" words are capitalized which makes no sense in English. Don't do that here. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-20 18:30:?? UTC)
*This* is not the standard way to emphasize words here, but it's acceptable, so don't report such posts… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-20 18:25:?? UTC)
Massive quality traffic (especially for the polls) and donations needed. The board was slow when I was away for a number of hours because of an attack by HTTP bots being faked as to coming from by some fucking chantard. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-20 11:22:?? UTC)
Stop ruining great topics with lots of interesting replies by using random fucking capitalization in the headline so that it gets deleted. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-20 11:19:?? UTC)
Sometimes, topics or replies are deleted despite being perfect and not violating any rules, because they were requested to be deleted by their authors. Don't count on this happening, though — when I do it, I do it in order to be nice and usually only because the person's privacy is at stake. All posts are to be considered permanent (if correctly written, on-topic, etc.). Sysop 2 months (2010-02-20 00:50:?? UTC)
How many fucking "ihate*.com" spam domains are there? Feels like I've added a hundred of them to the banned phrases… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-20 00:28:?? UTC)
Do not use the "induce amnesia" feature just because you think that it will help AT's server. While this is technically true, it helps way too little to actually matter. The board constantly removes all sorts of old internal crap in order to free space. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-20 00:13:?? UTC)
These damn daily backups are not good for the health of the poor ol' server… especially not when the database is this big and complex. I wish I could afford a big, fat mainframe for AT. If things go as planned, donations will soon be much easier to send. I have noticed that traffic is much heavier whenever it's working smoothly. I can imagine that quite a few people don't even get in on their first visit, give up after a few seconds and are unlikely to return because of that. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-19 23:08:?? UTC) ← Why the hell does a poll that is three months old only have 28 non-Sysop, non-creator visits (not "views"), translating into ~0.3 ones per day? It's because you don't fucking spread the word. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-19 18:43:?? UTC)
What the fuck? What kind of rude asshole asks for "any sites like AT but with more traffic" here?! HOW ABOUT ACTUALLY TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT AT, THE ORIGINAL, INSTEAD, THUS GIVING IT "MORE TRAFFIC"?! This kind of attitude really makes me mad. Probably a troll anyway, though… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-19 17:39:?? UTC)
I am seriously convinced that using "chan" sites causes actual brain damage. For real. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-18 22:21:?? UTC)
About the "Proofreeding" bulletin (since you keep sending PMs about it): 1. I didn't post it. 2. Yes, I know perfectly well that it's incorrect. 3. I'm pretty sure that it's sarcasm, considering the quote. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-18 20:25:?? UTC)
Unreal: Sysop 2 months (2010-02-18 19:42:?? UTC)
> That's called random capitalization (or Random Captialization) and there's a rule against it here on AT.

Proofreeding: The foolproof way to avoid looking like an idiot.
? 2 months (2010-02-18 15:01:?? UTC)
"I am not pissed, but must say that posting here has become a waist of my time. Thanks you for wasting my time and yours good day to you." ← I don't even find any words to comment this… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-18 15:00:?? UTC)
A fucking space goes before a fucking parenthesis (like this) — not(like this). Sysop 2 months (2010-02-18 14:56:?? UTC)
Spread the fucking word already, you ungrateful pieces of shit. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-18 14:52:?? UTC)
While it's good that you file EARs, they are sort of… choking me… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-18 09:24:?? UTC)
Ignoring private messages = ban. Many of you get multiple "last warning"s (because we really try to give you another chance, and another one…) but still just continue posting nonsense. That is unbelievably rude and causes us to feel as if warnings are pointless. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-18 09:10:?? UTC)
Do NOT waste your time replying to topics which contain errors. Wait for them to be deleted and then reposted with corrections. ? 2 months (2010-02-18 01:14:?? UTC) ← Is this a troll or a genuinely stupid person? It doesn't really matter… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-17 23:37:?? UTC)
If somebody has asked the OP for clarification, then generally let the OP answer. If others start trying to explain the OP's intentions, things can get messed up. If you think the person might be trolling, then you certainly shouldn't be replying. ? 2 months (2010-02-17 23:22:?? UTC)
Fuck off with the fucking "Ask X anything" spam already. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-17 22:10:?? UTC) ← You know, Google… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-17 20:28:?? UTC)
I'm sure most of you know that a ban prevents you from posting here. For those who don't know, now you do, so stop trying! ? 2 months (2010-02-17 19:58:?? UTC)
Stop spreading the word to retards who post nonsense such as: "Yes, Pay them there money." — spread the word to people who are not retarded. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-17 19:54:?? UTC)
Do you have any idea how annoying it is to delete an established, otherwise high-quality reply where the author has confused "its" and "it's"? And then send private messages and warnings and shit? It happens all the fucking time. Don't make these idiotic mistakes. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-17 17:11:?? UTC)
Sigh. It seems as if some dumbasses think that 'this' is how you emphasize stuff. I don't know how that is possible, but they do. Stop single-quoting random words! Sysop 2 months (2010-02-17 15:38:?? UTC)
Test: The polls now have a "Vote and shuffle" button which, if used, will vote and then take you directly to a random poll that you haven't participated in (identical to using the "shuffle" feature manually after voting, except faster). Is this what some of you have been requesting? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-17 15:35:?? UTC)
You have no right to go off-topic just because your first post was on-topic. ? 2 months (2010-02-17 00:52:?? UTC)
Four new wiseguys needed (once again). They always seem to turn out to be unfit for the job, so don't even apply if you're just going to disappoint… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-16 22:40:?? UTC)
Elaborate abuse reports within AT will be referred to as "EAR" or "EARs" from now on in various contexts. This has been added to the glossary. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-16 21:52:?? UTC)
What kind of mental illness do you have when you spend all your time copying and pasting somebody else's works in detail, lying about numbers and years, incorrectly claiming credits, constantly spamming the originals, pretending that the real ones are clones, and keep it up every single day? I'll tell you what it's called: psychotic fucktardism. Now stop wasting my (and various companies') time with this bullshit already; you just won't get away with it in the long run. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-16 20:43:?? UTC)
You guys have no idea how annoying it is to see AnTs making the same mistakes over and over again. ? 2 months (2010-02-16 18:25:?? UTC)
Fixed a bug which essentially made the "ego search" (searching your own posts/polls only, for posters with 100+ posts/polls) useless. It sure took a long time for you to report that… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-16 09:39:?? UTC)
Massive quality traffic (and donations) needed. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-16 09:31:?? UTC)
A "wiki" is a type of collaborative website. It is not an acceptable abbreviation for Wikipedia or any other wiki. ? 2 months (2010-02-16 00:47:?? UTC)
"What do you think AnTs?" ← This is complete nonsense. Learn how to use the fucking comma. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-15 22:18:?? UTC)
The board now refuses to publish posts ending with "Thanks" (bad punctuation). This will probably be enhanced in the future to include other posts that can be safely detected as "containing bad punctuation" (which is not nearly as simple as it sounds). Sysop 2 months (2010-02-15 21:10:?? UTC)
It's such a shame to see a regular go psycho. Three seconds of a shit topic for what? That certainly isn't the best troll method I've seen. ? 2 months (2010-02-15 21:00:?? UTC)
"How to shave your balls." is a headline that will get you banned and have the topic deleted if it's actually requesting information on how to do this rather than providing instructions. Stop making shitty, misleading headlines. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-15 20:10:?? UTC)
Just nuked an ancient poster who had managed to post only one single correct post (which was saved) out of close to a hundred. People like this should not exist: Sysop 2 months (2010-02-15 16:35:?? UTC)
Shitty replies (and topics) will be deleted, completely regardless of their age, author and how much damage this will cause to a topic. (Somebody just reported a topic that was 1.8 years old and I spent a lot of time nuking tons of participants.) Sysop 2 months (2010-02-15 16:28:?? UTC)
May I just ask how you manage to lurk for over a month, and then type in all lowercase with incorrect punctuation? Does the fact that everything typed improperly is deleted/only (relatively) pristine posts are allowed to stay not give you a hint about the rules? ? 2 months (2010-02-15 08:06:?? UTC)
Read your personal messages, they will more than likely help you from having a topic/post deleted again! Sounds strange I know but they can be linked, all that is needed is a brain. ? 2 months (2010-02-14 23:50:?? UTC)
Don't use retarded words (I use "words" loosely) like "plox" when requesting things — those kinds of words are basically a form of chantard speak and they belong over at *chan boards. Don't post that kind of crap over here. ? 2 months (2010-02-14 22:59:?? UTC)
What comes at the end of a sentence, children? A fucking period/full stop/question mark/punctuation mark/fucking anything mark! ? 2 months (2010-02-14 21:36:?? UTC)
We don't distribute child pornography. What on Earth possesses some of you to think that? ? 2 months (2010-02-14 19:32:?? UTC)
OK. I don't know what the fuck is going on here, but stop being dead. Start posting again and make it ultra high quality. No God damn "Ask X anything" topics. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-14 18:43:?? UTC)
Are you reading this? Yes, you are. Now, why aren't you spreading the word? You could do lots of little things to help AT, yet the only people putting in any effort seem to be those fuckheads who are trying to destroy it. What the hell? It's been over two years. Two fucking years! You should be donating, finding advertisers and getting AT polls on the front page of Digg/whatever. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-14 16:21:?? UTC)
Why do some of you treat this as if it were a porn site? It's sickening. We don't host illegal images either, so don't bother trying to accuse us of that. ? 2 months (2010-02-14 16:00:?? UTC)
Main illegal clone banned from yet another host. Another illegal clone (which has also cloned IWAP) being worked on. So many truly mentally ill trolls to waste time dealing with… Sysop 2 months (2010-02-14 13:47:?? UTC)
Massive fucking quality traffic (especially to the polls) is needed Sysop 2 months (2010-02-14 08:12:?? UTC)
Fixed the fancy polls to "shortify" long URLs (as presented), just like in the "events" section. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-14 05:01:?? UTC)
Extremely common and strange phenomenon: 1. Troll gets automatically banned for SCREAMING out his troll post. 2. After reading the error message about being banned, he immediately tries to post the same thing again, except this time in lower-case. 3. He, obviously, gets an error message about being banned. Sysop 2 months (2010-02-14 04:54:?? UTC)
"You are an idiot OP." ← Wrong. "You are an idiot, OP." ← Right. What the fuck is up with never using the comma where it's actually supposed to be used, and always using it where it's not supposed to be used? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-13 17:24:?? UTC)
Once again (I think I have posted about this previously): when I complain about low poll traffic, I'm not wanting more polls, but more voters Sysop 2 months (2010-02-13 15:20:?? UTC)
Quality traffic in the polls does not mean more polls about bullshit like "Have you ever eaten crabs" and "Have you ever swum in the ocean". That's not quality, it's filler. ? 2 months (2010-02-13 15:00:?? UTC)
Diamond AnTs now finally have a perk: Sysop 2 months (2010-02-13 07:13:?? UTC)
If a poll (or topic) is dead, spread it (outside of AT, using the handy, built-in feature for doing that)! Sysop 2 months (2010-02-13 05:05:?? UTC)
Wanted: 100x more quality traffic. Especially for the polls. Spread the word? Sysop 2 months (2010-02-13 03:47:?? UTC)
Once again: starting another "Ask X anything" topic when somebody else has done that "recently" is considered trolling. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-12 18:56:?? UTC)
How is it even possible for so many idiots to get everything wrong, ignoring every single rule, all the fucking time? What are you doing here if you can't even read through a text and edit it for errors before publishing it, even though you know you'll get banned when found out? Where are the smart people who deserve to be AnTs? Sysop 3 months (2010-02-12 18:32:?? UTC)
Lying about your age with one year or so in order to protect your privacy is OK. Making one topic where you claim to be a 19-year-old male and another where you're a 10-year-old girl = ban + shitlist + password scramble. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-12 18:26:?? UTC)
Just removed countless shitty old posts, once again. END YOUR FUCKING POSTS/TEXTS/SENTENCES. ALWAYS. AND NEVER START THEM WITH LOWER-CASE. A SPACE GOES AFTER THE COMMA. HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT? Complete retards. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-12 05:58:?? UTC)
Anyone making an "Ask X anything" topic as their first topic will be permanently banned from now on. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-12 05:56:?? UTC)
Fixed a bug which seems to have affected only one person (or the rest didn't realize it) regarding the stand-alone post views and using JavaScript "shortcut actions": it will no longer incorrectly go to the "fallback" pages even when you have scripting enabled. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-12 02:43:?? UTC)
Why aren't you using the "fancy" poll feature? It allows for polls not previously possible… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-12 02:00:?? UTC)
If you get a PM asking you to proof-read better, that's exactly what it means. We want you to re-post your topic, just read it again thoroughly for grammar/spelling/punctuation. Please don't feel offended by this. ? 3 months (2010-02-11 22:00:?? UTC)
"I'll make you a deal If I mess up one more time you can ban me forever.From now on I will check my grammar and punctuation so Is It a deal?" ← Can this possibly not be a troll? Sysop 3 months (2010-02-11 21:37:?? UTC)
Don't send me e-mails about your account without including the ID. I just can't respond to all those e-mails with: "What is your ID?" and then wait for a reply before I can answer the original question. I have no idea who you are — no e-mail addresses are stored (or were ever asked for you to input), dammit. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-11 20:49:?? UTC)
Clarification: the "suspension of retardation" does allow for "me" instead of "I" in certain situations. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-11 20:21:?? UTC)
"What's your favourite band AnTs?" ← This is unbelievably annoying. All this headline lacks is one single character: a comma. Why do you publish things like this? You realize that we have to delete it in order for the board to not eventually turn into 4chan, right? Sysop 3 months (2010-02-11 19:40:?? UTC)
If you confuse "your" with "you're", or "its" with "it's", just get out of here (or at least stop posting) until you've learned these basic English concepts. Seriously. You are causing far more problems and wasting more time than you could possibly contribute, even if you are sitting on a gold mine of information that could help anyone with any non-language question/issue. Not being a "native speaker" is not an excuse. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-11 17:25:?? UTC)
Do I really have to set up a trigger to ban anyone who tries to post anything ending with "*Thanks"? How fucking hard is it to use a period or something in the end? Of course, then I'd get even more unban appeals, draining even more time… The board will probably end up refusing to publish such posts instead. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-11 17:06:?? UTC)
Strange behaviour: clearing your trash can and then asking me about your removed posts. How am I supposed to look at something that has been permanently deleted? Sysop 3 months (2010-02-11 16:58:?? UTC)
Quote of the year: 'I don't see how "lulz" is "chantardism".' Sysop 3 months (2010-02-11 16:53:?? UTC)
Don't use this as some sort of a child porn hub. It's not. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-11 16:49:?? UTC)
If you notice a post breaking a major rule, such as the Random Capitalization rule, don't reply to it! It will be deleted soon, and you do nothing but create a mess. ? 3 months (2010-02-10 20:37:?? UTC)
When replying to a post that is not the OP, use the cite functionality. Every post has a cite link, use it! Otherwise, it's assumed that you are replying to the OP, which is really confusing in some cases and can lead to your post being reported and consequently deleted. Clicking cite is just as easy as clicking new reply, so you have no excuse for not doing this. ? 3 months (2010-02-10 18:26:?? UTC)
Using the word "anon" IS STILL GROUNDS FOR POST DELETION. ? 3 months (2010-02-10 11:49:?? UTC)
Over two years and still not a single fucking ad slot sold… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-10 10:52:?? UTC)
The "lame hacker/bot detected" error should no longer appear to genuine posters, as has been a problem during the last few days. Give it some time, though. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-09 06:51:?? UTC)
Today, AT is two years old. Donations? Sysop 3 months (2010-02-09 06:17:?? UTC)
"[…]Besides banning this IP doesn't stop me posting[…]" ← Bad ban appeal… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-08 21:09:?? UTC)
Quite a few people get "lame hacker/bot detected" errors lately. Naturally, this is because of an internal change. However, it really shouldn't be showing for most of you, so there is something wrong. The actual text you are trying to post has nothing to do with it, by the way. Naturally, I will try to figure out why this is happening, but since I know exactly what it checks, since I coded it, I must assume that something is "weird" with your Web browsers. I have been unable to reproduce this myself… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-08 18:07:?? UTC)
There are plenty of polls created — that is not a problem. The problem is the low amount of voters. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-08 15:42:?? UTC)
The polls need much more traffic. Spread polls. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-08 14:35:?? UTC)
The .au psycho has once again spammed his shitty, illegal clone here. It appears as if the new host is also about to remove him, though. If not, other methods will be used. Pop culture reference: he's behaving like Cartman in the South Park episode entitled "Fishsticks" (in which his sick mind truly believes that he came up with somebody else's joke), except, of course, without all the charm, humor, wit and everything else that makes the fictional character a lovable person despite being a complete asshole. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-08 14:22:?? UTC)
When you see a troll, REPORT THEM AND MOVE ON. Do NOT reply! ? 3 months (2010-02-08 00:57:?? UTC)
STOP PRETENDING TO BE THE OP OF A TOPIC WHEN YOU ARE CLEARLY NOT! If you have lost your ID, you are no longer the OP as far as the board is concerned, and you will be banned if you act as if you are. Don't fucking lose your ID. Dumb shits. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-07 15:37:?? UTC)
"Is Chatroulette down for anyone else" ← This kind of nonsensical headline will get you banned immediately. STOP. "ASKING". QUESTIONS. WITHOUT. USING. A. GOD. DAMN. QUESTION. MARK. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-07 06:10:?? UTC)
Clarification: "Gonna" and "lemme" and stuff like that is OK. (Where's that brain beamer when you need it?) Sysop 3 months (2010-02-07 06:08:?? UTC)
I wish I could call this a "spring cleaning", but there's still tons of snow and shit. However, I have removed a whole bunch of old banned phrases, one of them being "4chan" (and the many variations of it). Of course, if this is abused, it will be added once again. I reckon that some will continue calling it "Retardchan" even if they don't have to. It is now a moot point to bitch about this. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-07 03:21:?? UTC)
I just discovered that "HideMyAss" (and possibly many other Web proxies) simply MIME Base64 encode the URLs. I always thought that the cryptic GET strings were used in order to prevent direct links for some reason. This new revelation makes it possible for the AT "random Web proxy" script to use at least one more proxy, and most likely many more ones if they also do this. Maybe the "random Web proxy" script on AT will soon rotate between 10 different proxies rather than two… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-06 21:06:?? UTC)