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Just spent another "morning" deleting countless shit posts, full of "its" instead of "it's", neglecting ending punctuation, starting with lower-case, "would of" instead of "would have", "foo,bar" instead of "foo, bar", etc…. Rude fucks. You will be banned if you do it. Stop fucking doing it already. You are ruining the board. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-06 18:04:?? UTC)
In a couple of days, AT turns two years. Feels like 20… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-06 17:08:?? UTC)
I did appeal this, by the way, but they haven't responded (surprise, surprise), and although they may restore the account, as I've heard they sometimes do when you really did nothing wrong, I hardly feel motivated to continue using them for anything even if they let me. It's way too fragile and the 99% Google tax requires you to have massive traffic in order to earn anything beyond a BigMac meal a month. They're going into the "hall of shame". Sysop 3 months (2010-02-06 03:01:?? UTC)
That's right. All you need to do for somebody using AdSense to lose their income is to click their ads in a bot-like fashion. They (Google) don't give a shit who actually did it. IWAP =, BTW. Not that it made a single cent from the crappy FuckSense ads anyway. Either way, AT donations are now just as important as before since IWAP doesn't even have a theoretical possibility of making money. (Unless, of course, somebody buys a graphical or text ad using the new in-house system.) Sysop 3 months (2010-02-06 02:55:?? UTC)
Google NonSense apparently banned my entire account over two weeks ago (didn't notice it until a few days ago): "While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage our advertisers in the future, we've decided to disable your account." Considering the 100% ToS compliance at IWAP (my only AdSense site), this means that idiots clicked the ads repeatedly. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-06 02:51:?? UTC)
I shouldn't post cryptic bulletins about internal improvements… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-06 02:43:?? UTC)
Constructed a doghouse for the time watchdog. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-06 01:14:?? UTC)
Having tried one last time to seriously contact this "moot" (in a very friendly fashion) about a mutual linkage deal to stop the spam/attack problems on both boards, getting only very short, negative responses, I will not try this ever again unless he contacts me. (I said that I was prepared to remove the banned phrases and add a permanent text or graphical ad for 4chan in return for a text or image ad "over there", and that this most likely will eliminate lots of problems for both.) Sysop 3 months (2010-02-05 21:57:?? UTC)
How can so many of you not know how to use punctuation marks? It doesn't take much effort to put a period at the end of a sentence. ? 3 months (2010-02-05 19:08:?? UTC)
Stop actively removing the http:// part of URLs. What the fuck is up with that? Sysop 3 months (2010-02-05 19:01:?? UTC)
It's "you're," not "your," when you're trying to say "you are." Every time you type "your," ask if "you are" would work. If so, you're using the wrong word. ? 3 months (2010-02-05 00:46:?? UTC)
To the active e-abuse reporter: I appreciate that you take your time to file reports whenever you notice an error, but it simply gets overwhelming. I'm writing this as a bulletin so that others also will think twice before reporting way too many posts. Of course, it would be ideal to have that person as a wiseguy, but with so few posts, it's difficult to trust him. What, other than the time since the account was created and the number of quality contributions, could possibly "prove" seriousness/loyalty? Sysop 3 months (2010-02-05 00:22:?? UTC)
"Soul" and "sole" are not the same thing, even though they sound similar. It hurts to remove a good, long reply just because of something like this. Ignore it, however, and things quickly go downhill… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-04 20:57:?? UTC)
If you're going to post death threats related to me (or whoever you think I am), at least use a proxy and don't do it from your parents' home Internet connection. Windstream responded that they will immediately terminate your account the next time you post a death threat here, you-know-who. They also said that your parents weren't very happy to hear about this over the phone. (Note that I always have the utmost respect for everyone's privacy until they start seriously fucking with me or the board.) Sysop 3 months (2010-02-04 20:26:?? UTC)
Since you keep asking in private: I don't mind if you write "SysOp" or "the sysop", but "Sysop" is the correct nickname (and was picked simply because it makes sense and is simple). Sysop 3 months (2010-02-04 18:36:?? UTC)
"Age is a big issue. Most people below 25 hardly earn enough to support themseleves, let alone a family. Without support, the children get shifted onto the "grandparents". Hwoever, their bioloigcal parents still are around, they are slaving away at McDonald's to barely afford to raise a kid. Even if they have a "steady job", they will be working all the time to supprot their kid they will hardly be a parent. If they are rich, then they deserve to die." ← What the fuck?! Sysop 3 months (2010-02-04 17:44:?? UTC)
When referring to Sysop (the administrator of this Website), it is "Sysop" — not "sysop", "SysOp" or "SysOP". WHY do you continue to make these kinds of errors?! ? 3 months (2010-02-04 06:09:?? UTC)
Furthermore, it's "AnonTalk" or "AT" — not "anontalk", "Anon Talk", "at", "AnT", "ant" or "Anontalk"… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-04 03:46:?? UTC)
Stop going off topic, you fucking retards! Holy shit. We do not give a fuck about your personal views on a certain race or creed. If someone has created a thread talking about how they hate white men, don't fuck it up with your stupid, off-topic views! Why is this so fucking hard to comprehend?! ? 3 months (2010-02-04 03:38:?? UTC)
It's "Google" — not "google". It's "YouTube" — not "Youtube" or "youtube". It's "Microsoft" or "MS" (or even "Micro$oft" or "M$" if you want to be "clever") — not "microsoft". It's "my girlfriend's parents" — not "my girlfriends parents". And so on. How is it possible to get these basic things wrong constantly? So many posts are deleted and so many posters are banned every day for completely idiotic reasons. Yes, they are idiotic! So why do you do this? It wastes so much time and energy Sysop 3 months (2010-02-04 01:58:?? UTC)
"I'll just delete my cookies and use another PC or one of the many proxies out there if I wanna post here from now on." ← Yeah. That's right, dumbass. That's the solution. Don't actually stop fucking up your posts or anything insane like that… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-04 01:14:?? UTC)
An absurd amount of the topics created are deleted. STOP MAKING RETARDED ERRORS! Sysop 3 months (2010-02-04 01:12:?? UTC)
Stop referring to other posters as " poster X" or responding back to them by typing " @X". There are Quote and Cite buttons for a reason. Use them. ? 3 months (2010-02-03 20:35:?? UTC)
"Ask X anything" topics aren't banned entirely. They are only banned if "too many" are created by either the same poster or by different posters too rapidly. Basically: don't create another if one was started recently. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-03 01:11:?? UTC)
Since there is apparently some confusion about this: NO, there is no official AT Facebook group or anything like that. With one exception, there is absolutely nothing "officially AT" outside of this Web site. Anything that you may have seen was created by FUD-spreading liars and malicious retards and is obviously not reliable. Of course, anyone with half a brain would already have guessed that much… The exception is: Sysop 3 months (2010-02-03 01:04:?? UTC)
Sigh. The polls still need much, much more traffic… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-02 17:23:?? UTC)
Why the fuck am I regularly seeing "foo- bar" here? For the 92,342,751,527th time: it's "foo — bar" or "foo—bar" or even "foo-bar", but NEVER, EVER "foo- bar". Stop fucking doing it. Where the hell did you learn this incorrect practice?! I'm this close to starting to assume that anyone who does it is a troll and just remove the poster at sight. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-02 14:07:?? UTC)
It's "okay", "OK" or "O.K." — not "Ok" or "ok"… Sysop 3 months (2010-02-02 00:23:?? UTC)
PMs are now automatically sent to the author when polls are deleted or edited. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-01 17:04:?? UTC)
You really, really need to start spreading the fucking word. Sysop 3 months (2010-02-01 09:13:?? UTC)
Do not use stupid chan words such as "moar"! This will automatically get you banned and shitlisted. ? 3 months (2010-01-31 22:48:?? UTC)
BigPond is once again permanently banned here thanks to Jan Martin the psychotic Australian retard who keeps coming back using different dynamic hostnames under different IDs to spam his shitty, illegal clone of this board. Nearly every single message from that clone is made by a BigPond customer. This is hardly a coincidence. To help out, let [email protected] know about this every day. (Dreamhost eventually saw the light and removed the cunt, so it's not pointless.) Sysop 3 months (2010-01-31 21:18:?? UTC)
How the hell do you manage to trigger the "lame bot/hacker detected" error without having just restored your ID (or actually trying to automate posting)? Have you bookmarked "/new_topic" and go there as the first page load or something, and then you try publishing the new topic without previewing even once? That would sort of explain it… Sysop 3 months (2010-01-31 18:04:?? UTC)
Please, guys. If you want this place to die, continue to not spread the word. But if you DO want this place to flourish with intelligent posters and great topics, tell all your friends about AT. ? 3 months (2010-01-30 23:57:?? UTC)
STOP MAKING SHITTY, MISLEADING HEADLINES! Fucking retards. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-30 22:24:?? UTC)
Please report any off-kilter posts you see. It's better to have a well-intentioned false abuse report or two than to let trolls slip under the radar. ? 3 months (2010-01-30 05:22:?? UTC)
You must start spreading the word to non-morons. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-30 03:44:?? UTC)
"Whistleblower mode" now also causes a link to appear in every poll called "Errors?", which allows you to report errors in polls more easily. Although these are pre-moderated, they sometimes contain very annoying, subtle errors. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-29 22:17:?? UTC)
'Well, everyone thinks they know something they don't, and everything thinks they should "help" somebody they shouldn't.' ← This is the kind of nonsense that ruins this place. STOP POSTING NONSENSE. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-29 21:18:?? UTC)
Yet another wiseguy didn't come around for days (without any absence notice) and thus was removed. Three more serious wiseguys needed: Sysop 3 months (2010-01-29 14:46:?? UTC)
"Am I in trouble?" ← This is a worthless headline. NEVER post crap like this here. You will be banned immediately and the topic will be removed no matter how popular it is. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-29 14:39:?? UTC)
When you get a PM, DON'T FUCKING IGNORE IT! READ IT! Why the FUCK does somebody who got a "last warning" PM (or even got banned and then unbanned) keep making retarded "mistakes"?! You think we send those messages for fun?! You should be glad for getting any kind of warning at all! Yet you ignore them and then get banned permanently. Once again I've been forced to remove a whole bunch of morons who just never learn but continue to pollute the board with their junk posts. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-29 14:37:?? UTC)
A random idiot just had every single post he/she created deleted. The posts neglected the period, had random capitalization and other straight-forward problems. He/she obviously spent a long time composing the grammatically incorrect posts (~2 hours), for it all to be removed in a heart beat. Use correct grammar! This is AT, not any other so-called Web forum you may have encountered before! ? 3 months (2010-01-29 11:05:?? UTC)
Please remember that a comma or full-stop (period) is followed by a space. ? 3 months (2010-01-29 07:09:?? UTC)
Yet another idiot removed who had been polluting the board with tons of supposedly genuine posts full of stupid errors such as "you,then" (no space after the comma). It takes a lot of time to remove all those posts and it surely fucks up a lot of topics. What the hell is wrong with people? Sysop 3 months (2010-01-28 22:04:?? UTC)
The polls need to be spread more (outside of AT). Sysop 3 months (2010-01-28 21:12:?? UTC)
"That's what happens when someone black or white hates you for you're color." ← Piss off. Posting something like this means that you're completely beyond help. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-28 20:55:?? UTC)
When a topic has horrible grammar, it will be deleted. DO NOT FUCKING RESPOND TO IT. ? 3 months (2010-01-28 16:27:?? UTC)
The major Australian ISP "BigPond" is no longer banned from posting here due to the constant whitelisting requests from legitimate kangaroo hunters. (Why can't psychos stick to one ISP?) Sysop 3 months (2010-01-28 12:42:?? UTC)
Thanks for reporting obscure bugs, such as the "Xago" rather than "X ago" when restoring an ID for the > 1st time. That's the kind of error that would take me ages to encounter myself. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-28 12:37:?? UTC)
Seriously? "Your right."? Again? LEARN BASIC ENGLISH, DAMMIT! Sysop 3 months (2010-01-28 12:33:?? UTC)
Fixed a bug introduced earlier today regarding the spell checking of new polls. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-27 22:33:?? UTC)
"Proxy mode" now uses two different Web proxies (randomly rotated between), just like the Tor-to-Web links here. The dashboard will soon be updated to not specifically mention "Anonymouse", which was previously used solely for this since it's one of the very few ones that allow direct linking in the manner required for this to work. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-27 21:50:?? UTC)
It is now possible to create "fancy" polls where each option can have its own Web address. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-27 17:56:?? UTC)
Before you ask something related to this place, please read the FAQ again, even if you have already done so. You might just remember something. ? 3 months (2010-01-27 17:22:?? UTC)
A space does not go after a "/", as in "foo/ bar" — it's "foo/bar"… Sysop 3 months (2010-01-27 13:34:?? UTC)
Don't expect trolls to be found out if you don't report them. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-27 13:12:?? UTC)
Fuck off with the "Discuss." chantardism already. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-26 22:29:?? UTC)
If anyone knows about a REAL alternative to, please let me know. I'd like to have at least one more Web proxy to rotate between for the AT proxy links, just as is done with the "Tor-to-Web" ones. However, other than that, I have never been able to find a single Web proxy which allows direct linking to a specific URL. Do not suggest any of the hundreds (if not thousands!) of worthless Web proxies out there that don't support this! I wouldn't be asking like this if it were easy… Sysop 3 months (2010-01-26 21:12:?? UTC)
What the fuck? Stop mixing good and shitty posts. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-26 21:03:?? UTC)
"Should I be worried?" by itself is not a good headline. It sounds more like the last sentence in the body. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-26 20:29:?? UTC)
Fixed a nasty bug which was introduced… um… probably over a month ago. It sometimes detected anyone starting a sentence with "Lolita" (or any other similar word) as a "loltard" (and refused to publish the post) due to one missing character in the computer code. Hopefully it didn't cause too much damage. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-26 19:00:?? UTC)
It's suspicious when the same poster keeps making topics about polls (and barely anything else). There is no real limit, but use your common sense… Sysop 3 months (2010-01-26 10:21:?? UTC)
FOLLOW THE RULES. Violating them only does two things, those being pissing off Sysop and ruining this website. Do everyone a favour and follow the rules; they're there for a reason. ? 3 months (2010-01-25 22:35:?? UTC)
"What do you find the most attractive on a guy. Also, what do you find romantic." ← How can you possibly be this fucking dumb? THE QUESTION MARK IS A CORE PART OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE! IT MARKS QUESTIONS! Is this a question. No, it's not? Is this a question? Yes, it is! Sysop 3 months (2010-01-25 14:34:?? UTC)
What the hell? Stop getting capitalization right in the headline only to then incorrectly capitalize the very same word in the body… Sysop 3 months (2010-01-25 01:55:?? UTC)
From now on, all "topic last visited" flags older than one year will be deleted daily. That part of the database simply has become so damn huge that there is simply no other choice since you cheap fucks never donate (for me to afford better hardware). This means that the board will think that you never visited any topic that you haven't visited in the last year. (Your own topics are not affected by this, though.) Sysop 3 months (2010-01-24 23:43:?? UTC)
Don't post while stoned. ? 3 months (2010-01-24 21:47:?? UTC)
So many retards, such little time… ? 3 months (2010-01-24 21:25:?? UTC)
It's "would have" or, if you must write as you speak, "would've". None of this "would of" bullshit you'd see from a middle-school essay. ? 3 months (2010-01-24 18:09:?? UTC)
"Anybody else into Indian Girls?" ← Unless "Indian Girls" is some sort of musical ensemble, film title or something (which was not the case this time), this is WRONG! "Girls" is supposed to read "girls". Anything else is "Random Capitalization"! Sysop 3 months (2010-01-24 16:04:?? UTC)
All questions end in a question mark, not a period. Stop making posts asking questions in the form of a statement, such as this, "Why is the sky blue ." See how weird that looks? That is when you use a question mark. ? 3 months (2010-01-24 10:58:?? UTC)
Newbies now are forced to preview all posts before publishing them. This was considered for many long months before it was actually implemented; as always, I worry about things such as "some regular temporarily using a library computer without having access to their ID in order to post a helpful quality reply in a new topic on their lunch break", making this a not-as-obvious-as-it-may-seem decision… Hopefully, this will be "worth it" in terms of avoiding many errors made by new posters. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-23 21:25:?? UTC)
Unless it starts with a trademark with unusual capitalization, such as iPod, the beginning letter in a sentence always has a capital letter. There is no other valid reason. ? 3 months (2010-01-23 18:36:?? UTC)
Sentences end with periods. For the love of God, what is so hard to figure out about this? Sentences end with periods. Repeat this to yourself until it becomes a meaningless mess of syllables, maybe it'll commit itself to your memory then. ? 3 months (2010-01-23 18:14:?? UTC)
Save yourself trouble, and just don't do things that warrant bans. ? 3 months (2010-01-23 15:50:?? UTC)
1. Somebody sends me an e-mail about being banned here. No ID or IP address is provided. 2. A reply is written about them having to provide some sort of information if they want to be unbanned since I unfortunately cannot read minds and AT does not store (or ask for) any e-mail addresses. 3. A reply to that often simply never comes… From now on, I'll not reply to such e-mails at all. It simply wastes too much time to deal with people who cannot grasp that one cannot work with zero information. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-23 02:16:?? UTC)
Just removed TONS of replies posted by a retard who kept doing "@ previous" (not even "@previous", which would've at least triggered an error message) and "#364,430" (apparently manually removing the "@" and adding a "#"). How is it possible to get every fucking basic thing wrong?! I'm just asking… Sysop 3 months (2010-01-23 01:10:?? UTC)
Don't reply to incorrect topics unless you want that reply to just disappear when the topic is deleted. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-22 19:55:?? UTC)
I'm sick of deleting countless posts every day written by illiterates who can't read simple instructions or produce the most basic of texts without fucking up (all lower-case, no ending punctuation, typos despite the built-in spell checker, etc….). You need to start telling more intelligent people about AT to offset all these idiots who often take very long to find because you don't report the offending posts enough. Again, these posts make other people (incorrectly) think that they can do the same thing. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-22 14:51:?? UTC)
It is not "i." It is "I." If the I is on its own, there is no valid reason for it to not be capitalized. ? 3 months (2010-01-22 13:29:?? UTC)
Please remember to use the "Polls" section more
? 3 months (2010-01-22 08:36:?? UTC)
Please stop using # to cite a post. It's @. Considering that this is automatic, I don't even know how you manage to screw this up, but it's quite annoying. ? 3 months (2010-01-22 06:05:?? UTC)
Stationary describes an object that is not in motion in a specific reference frame. Stationery is stuff like pens, pencils, and paper. ? 3 months (2010-01-22 05:56:?? UTC)
Making up fictitious garbage in an attempt to sound smart doesn't help anybody. If you must reply, research and understand the topic before doing so. ? 3 months (2010-01-21 21:03:?? UTC)
All "short URL" services (including those calling themselves other things) are banned and will be considered spam no matter what they actually point to (and added to the list of banned phrases). Never use that unreliable, insecure, POINTLESS middleman junk here for any purpose! Sysop 3 months (2010-01-21 20:35:?? UTC)
They're going to ride their bikes right there. ? 3 months (2010-01-21 19:27:?? UTC)
Two of us are going to the store; would you like to come too? ? 3 months (2010-01-21 16:10:?? UTC)
At least four more wiseguys needed due to all the scumbag traitors. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-21 13:56:?? UTC)
The difference between their/there/they're is not difficult to learn, and should not be misused as often as it is. They're going fishing. Their line snapped. There it goes! Remember it. ? 3 months (2010-01-21 08:27:?? UTC)
All AnTs are encouraged to carefully go through the dashboard settings, especially if you haven't done so in a while: Sysop 3 months (2010-01-20 20:42:?? UTC)
In addition to reading the entire OP, it would also help to look through all the comments to be sure you're not just rehashing the same answers/comments that have already been voiced. ? 3 months (2010-01-20 15:35:?? UTC)
Periods go at the end of sentences. Just because it is the last sentence in an otherwise properly-punctuated paragraph does not mean you can exclude the period. Adding an emoticon at the end of your sentence is not a replacement for a period. ? 3 months (2010-01-20 10:12:?? UTC)
Please remember to fully read the entire original post before replying. It really helps keep things clear and simple. When responding to a question in the OP, please make sure to actually understand the question first before responding in ignorance and coming across as an idiot. If you don't understand the question, ask the OP to clarify! It's that simple! ? 3 months (2010-01-20 06:23:?? UTC)
Millions upon millions of dollars has gone to Haiti thus far, in the form of $10 bills. You don't need to donate a hundred dollars… can't you spare an extra $10 to AT? The recent disaster has clearly shown that this can work. Please, don't rely on others donating, AT needs your help now. ? 3 months (2010-01-19 20:02:?? UTC)
Please, at least try to pretend you have an IQ in the triple-digits and not go on a bloody rampage every time someone disagrees with your opinion. Calling people "fucking retarded" because they don't agree with you lowers the quality of the topic. ? 3 months (2010-01-19 18:02:?? UTC)
Next time you're speaking to someone, don't put any vocal stress on the last word of what you're saying. Make it sound as if you're only halfway through the sentence. Do you see how annoying that sounds? That's the real life equivalent of not ending your sentences with a punctuation mark. Do it. ? 3 months (2010-01-19 08:50:?? UTC)
As promised, the possibility to "forget all visits" now exists and can be found under "Stuff": Sysop 3 months (2010-01-19 01:04:?? UTC)
Shocking newsflash for certain tiny gnomes: copying and pasting somebody else's hard work, entering a fake copyright year and then spamming the real deal with psychotic lies, doesn't actually change history and make you the originator. Very shocking facts indeed. Sysop 3 months (2010-01-18 19:23:?? UTC)